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maybe i'm simply stupid, but in saying "hi" there's nothing against the rules. i know the rules of the chat, and i'm the one who warns everyone to behave, but this is just ridiculous. i don't use capitals, i speak english, i'm not insulting people. i'm sure i did nothing wrong.

I saw that your selected country is US. But I'm not sure you are from US.
In the rules, NO national language is allowed in International forums. If you are from country that use the English as the native language, then you must use your native language in your national chat rooms and not International chat rooms. If you have talked using your native language (I mean not English), then you will get banned from chat room.
I don't know what you did wrong. So, the only possible is the above reason.

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nice work, but people missuse chat rooms, like they abuse eachother, nd i know only 5% of zedgers using chat rooms, so there is no benefit of chat rooms.
Tom you did a gr8 job, i hug you.

Everything has both good and bad facts. If some people use misuse the chat rooms, then as Reaper_Angel said, then will get ban. If we can use the chat rooms correctly, then we will get a lot of benefits like we can make friendship easily.
So, try to think from positive point.

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Wow mobile chat very good feature



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good job... ..



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itz owsum man. i lkd urs u should bannd those people usd the abusng words in their talk nt those who use the native language in the international rum . plz thnk abt it. j iti w

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its very cooo l



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excellent job



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its nice n cool..................



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wow . . . . .. . ..



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fine job. . . ..



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does work on iPhone???


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