left handers are more intelligent ?




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Abhi again....
Left-handed ppl lade and work more with their right hemisphere of brain, and it is responsible to music, art, imagination, drawing , emotions, thats why in most of the answers here is written that left-handers are good painters
Better artists -yes, but not more intelligent, there is difference
By the way , its not obligatory to be left handed to think with your right hemisphere

this picture is a test of witch part of your brain you use
if u see women spins on right,u use your right hemisphere it this moment
and if she spins on left, u use your left hemisphere it this moment

Cveti It's always good to see you here in zedge intellect forums cause every time you come here, you come with some interesting answers. Well tbh enough that gal's pic is awesome. When I first saw it the gal was spinning right and in blink of few seconds she started spinning left I don't know why is that happening?? Is that cos I can use both hemispheres??(I can see gal switching her moving directions time and again) or that gal is really moving in both directions??

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Quote of user: Hatebreed7

A lot of people think left handed pers0ns are intellegent...and artistic ..Im left handed but I Do'nt think that Im intellegent bc0z I always get l0w gradES in my math subject but Im g0od in mem0rizing,drawing and critical thinking..s0.maybe its true but maybe science cAN xplain m0re aB0ut it

there is same scenario with me.. I m a left hander and i don't think that i am intelligent. I usually get lower grades in college. Maths is also a big problem for me. I have seen many students who are average in other subjects but they solve mathematical questions in seconds and the same question takes me minutes. At the same time, i can remember other subject n things easily for long time. So it might be a problem related to the reasoning power of mind. So basically, intelligence has no relation with hand u use.
I think that artistic nature is something lefty's are endowed with. In my case i can draw beautiful paintings, write poems, stories and quotes (as ppl told me).

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i m also a lefthanded writer but i m not agree with that bcz everyone has God gifted different abilities but some of them use that n called inteligent....no one is here dam useless....

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There is no any scientific reason that lefthander are more intelligent

Intelligence comes when u use your brain and abilities.These are just superstitions. So don't waste on your time on


One thing that I can say is lefthander are always good bowler..



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Yes i agreed ..there is no scientific reason of this ...

Its all superstitions ... my friends are brilliant and intelligent ... and they are topper of my college ...then ?

i havent seen such type of reason yet



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aparently the left side of ur brain is harder to understand then thright? which shows that wen u learn to use ur left side of the brain u are choosing the more difficult side which makes u more intelligent becos u choose the more challenging, lols and i dnt think that makes sense, lols being a fellow lefty i am intelligent but decide not to use my brain power as it could be used,lols but i still agree that leftys are mre intelligent then rightys....lols


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