Which is Better Android or Apple i phone




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Well, the question to ask yourself is if you want to be free to use your phone however you want "more or less" or if you want to be bound to the little BB program called "itunes". If the Iphone werent that dependent to itunes it would have been alot better. BUT since thats not the case I´d say that there are endlessly more oppertunitys working with the android OS.



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Apple iPhone is better.



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I'm thinking of moving on to Android for my new phone.

The IPhone feels too restrictive and doesn't offer much in the way of customization. And i have the freedom to choose what brand and specifications that go with the phone itself. I don't want to buy a phone that looks exactly the same as the next 5 people sitting next to me in a meeting.

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apple iphone



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Apple i phone



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Andriod OS is better I believe. Iphone as a phone is beautiful.



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Android is better....!! In iphone u have every thing but nothingg.. No bluetooth file sharing, no download, no upload, no music library update without itunes.. In fact its an ipod with which you can make callss..

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for most , that prolly depends on the type of medication they use....for Paxil, Zoloft, and Abilify users, Iphone ranks supreme, no doubt;
But i'm not a consumer, and I understand Apple went into three generations of production, with an engineering flaw that rendered the Iphone useless when making calls...something about the antennae....making it the most expensive mp3 player on the market at its inception. I also understand: contrary to popular belief, the misconception of Asian/ China knockoffs being inferior in quality is not entirely true. ..in fact, many innovations in smartphone tech , from China, supercede and outperform Apple tech.
so much for that: ..the Iphone on a good day runs about $200+...i got a Kyocera ZIO, for fitty bucks, running on a superior nationwide network, with an unlimited plan under $60, and the phone makes and recieves calls.
and MY phone can scan credit cards



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Apple android



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apple i phone


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