Which is Better Android or Apple i phone




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andriod because you cannot upgrade an I phone



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Is better



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Always there is something which is called performance, and obviously in this matter iPhone can't be put down, it tops everywhere! Reason: the Ios is designed and made to be device specific only whereas the Android OS isn't device specific atall, it is open for any kind of device just optimized for the OS to run. SO it is sure that it can't provide the ample and consistent performance everywhere,.

Hence, iPhone is obv better and more preferable if you want to spend money!



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apple any day



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android !!



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To be honest both have the ups and both have downs.
One of the major downs as of late with anything apple is the lack of true virus scanning / blocking apps.
* I know a lot of apple fanboys are going to have a field day with that comment.* But it's a fact that virus makers are not focusing on 1 platform anymore. They are attacking everything equally. Thinking your immune from viruses because some guy that is now dead said it will never have viruses "Lie'n out his butt by the way!" Apple was one of the first platforms to have viruses and will always have viruses. They just love covering it up.... (Yes Apple has a few sudo virus scanner / blockers. But they are not true virus scanners.) Apple will not allow apps true control on device. Which makes the virus scanner ineffective at doing the job it was made to do.

Second I hate the fact that the fruit product so closely acts like a communist socialist commune... It's 1 way and only 1 way that's it. Don't like they flip you the bird.

Android on the other hand has had true antivirus software since almost the start. Along with being open / free to work with the system down to the hardware level.
So my Vote will always be Android...



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android all day every day!



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the apple iphone..
and here is proof to all those android lovers, as to why your phone is JUNK

Comparing the cash pouring into Apple?s App Store versus its app marketplace competitor Google Play isn?t much of a contest. A November study from app analytics company App Annie shows that the App Store?s monthly revenues are 300 percent greater than Google Play

When it comes to multimedia, Apple iOS shines. Integration with iTunes provides quick and convenient access to new media that you can instantly download, while iCloud provides a central portal to manage all of your media on all of your Apple devices.

Also, considering that Google doesn?t strictly police app approval like Apple does, there are tons that do the same thing jockeying for space next to mountains of crapware and a frightening number of those have digital virus

Voice control is another area of competition. Here, Android capabilities are quite good, though they're no match for Apple's Siri, who can understand and execute more complex commands

While both the iPhone and some Android phones have the ability to take panoramic stills, Consumer Reports finds when it comes to photo and video quality, the iPhone 5 outperforms the Android competition.

and finally ask ur self how good ur battery is??

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