N900 wallpapers...wrong orientation!!!



Post #126 March 2010, 16:45
I have been using zedge for wallpapers and themes for the last 4 years, for 3 different handsets. I now own a N900 and find it quite frustrating that the wallpapers are all in portrait mode (and I love the wallpapers here, but I can't use them!). N900 as you all know works in landscape mode 99% of the time. So could the moderators of the site PLEASE change the wallpaper orientation to height 480 and width 800, so people would upload the right orientation.

Oh and I know I read somewhere here that wallpapers have to be split in to four, for the four screens. As much as loopable wallpapers are great, they are not a necessity. Simple wallpapers are great too. Hey four screens four different wallpapers...i think that is cool!!!

So please help!!!!



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Post #226 April 2010, 00:00
hiya mate i've also got the n900 and have same problem wid wallpapers here on zedge hope the mods do summat abt this soon

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