Which operator u are using?




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Hello there from the UK.
My contract is on O2 Online.

Was originally with Genie (which ran on BT Cellnet airtime) when I started out, but O2 took over both Cellnet and Genie. I have an O2 online tariff and get 50 anytime x-network minutes and 500 free texts per month - I'm a total text nut, so I went for the large amount of free texts. Used to get 600 free with Genie, but I still get 500 free with O2 and no other network comes remotely close to offering that amount of inclusive texts!

Also have a pay as you go sim in one of my old mobiles and that's on Orange and I have it set up for their football text alerts - goals, red cards, half-time and full-time scores both for any games involving Manchester United and any games involving England.



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I've got two seperate numbers both with O2 UK

First is contract; 500 mins, 100 texts and free WAP every month
Second is PAYG; 300 texts, 100 mins and 5MB free WAP for £10.00 top-up



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I use 2 operators here in Jamaica. Cable & Wireless GSM post paid service because of the flat rate for WAP( I connect my Motorola V220 to my PC for internet access-no telephone lines here in deep rural Jamaica). I also use Digicel GSM because 75% of cellphone users here use it. If I had more international calls to make I would use MiPhone CDMA but the coverage is not that good, even with their excellent plans.
I just wish my GPRS service could be closer to 40kbps instead of the current 10kbps. JA$10 per day for the service seems better than 0.25¢ per kb from Digicel anyway and the speed is basically the same. (JA$1=US$61)



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Vodafone and TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile)

The messages and the short calls are cheaper with TIM, but if I have to make a long call I use Vodafone



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BATELCO the biggest thieves known to this universe



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ALFA in Lebanon. I'm offered WAP, voicemail, email, clipalert, VIP, private number, credit info...



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Hutch and Airtel.
My main no is of hutch .
I have gprs with edge , caller tunes , 1500 sms free per month ...

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i use o2 there pretty good for contracts n pay as u go sims


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