Which Android based phone do you have?




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Post #17 January 2010, 11:19
Since I now have ordered the Nexus One I'll soon leave Windows Mobile and become a part of the Android family :P

So, I thought if you guys could write down what Android phone (or other Android based gadgets) you have, and what Android version it's running.
And maybe a comment about it, and if you're pleased with it.

I'll start

Nexus One (Android 2.1)
Doesn't really have an hands on opinion about, since I haven't tried it out yet.

EDIT: So I received my Nexus One today ^^ and so far I'm very pleased. It's light years better/faster than my HTC Touch Diamond. Really love the screen!
Android 2.1 feels so much better than Windows Mobile 6.5.
Google have made quite a huge miss tho.. only about half of the 512MB is available, this is something they must fix.

Still haven't Rooted it tho, I'll wait until I know there's nothing wrong with the device since that would void the warranty.

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Post #211 January 2010, 02:29
i have the tmobile G1... or also known as the htc dream... currently i am running a hacked ROM (cyanogen v4.2.12.2) which is basically a user created eclair based hero-type ROM. im also running dark dream v1.8.2 on top of the cyanogen ROM. So basically even though the firmware version is 1.6 (donut) its got all of the stuff from eclair so my phone is basically 2.0 or 2.1 <rant>but better because unlike google cyanogen updates his ROM weekly to a new version.... most stock android phones have been running 1.6 donut since september and i personally i dont think the phone companies are going to send any over the air updates any time soon because the phone companies would rather entice people to buy a new phone with the shiny new OS then to give good customer service and just send an OTA.... ive been on 2.0 since before verizon's droid came out..... with tmobile service.... </rant> the nexus one is gonna kick arse.... but for those of use who dont have the nexus one... or maybe the droid eris(big maybe) a hacked ROM is the way to go... just saying...



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Post #317 February 2010, 13:14
nexus one .



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Post #41 March 2010, 17:18
I've got the LG GW620.
Its awesome.

Some time ago I had the HTC Touch Diamond, and the keyboard being on the screen really annoyed me, if your thumb slipped across the screen it caused havoc. The Android OS seems very easy to use, and very fast, and offers so much.

I have noticed though that the wallpapers offered here on Zedge for that phone aren't the right size at all.



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Post #56 March 2010, 17:37
I'm looking to buy a new phone, Android based. Any recommendations? Gotta have GPS.

Forgot to say, I can wait a month if there are any arrivals in that time...

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Post #68 March 2010, 22:23
I am using the htc hero, will tell you if you have an on screen keyboard...check out swype...badass keyboard...

This post was written on a mobile device.



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ich come from Germany an i have the Milestone from Motorola




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I have the HTC Droid Eris, and my husband has the Motorola Droid. I was very suprised by the Eris; I actually like it better than the moto droid. It just seems to run smoother and multitouch is a plus,AND my battery will last all day(using advanced task manager) while my husband's droid will die out by noon =)



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Post #919 March 2010, 11:43
I have the g1, loving the qwerty keyboard, would be good if there was more android phones with qwerty keyboard, rather than just the touch screen option.



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Post #1029 March 2010, 21:46
Motorola Milestone here. It's definitely a great phone.
Its main issue is that because of Motorola's decision, we can't install anything not signed by Moto - exit custom roms & cie. Fortunately, we can still get root access... The second problem is that updates are made by Moto... So, you can wait for a release for your country, or you can try to install the first one at your own risks, etc.

The Moto Droid doesn't have that problem. Updates are made by Google and you can install the roms you want.

The milestone has a really nice screen and surfing on it is really cool. Everything runs smoothly, even with dozens of apps running (I mean with the default home - for Home ++ takes a bit of time to display the apps window).

Moto is to release a nice case for that phone, but the best is still the stuff made by Noreve. This is where you can get the best cases ever - handmade.

I've released on Zedge some wallpapers resized for the Milestone. I hope they could serve you.

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