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Post #18 December 2009, 12:52
Welcome to the Android forum where you can discuss everything related to your mobile phone with the Android operating system.

Please make sure to check out these links:

- Zedge's Android App
- Zedge Android App Blog
- Zedge Android App launched

Zedge Admin



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Post #28 December 2009, 12:56
nice work admin they r useful for android holders



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Post #38 December 2009, 13:12
An excellent innovation from the Zedge admin.this will help the guys using Android Phones

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Post #417 December 2009, 12:55
This is great work of zedge for android phones holders



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Post #52 January 2010, 05:38
So, to jump in and start a topic, what android phones are people using in the Zedge community?

I just purchased my first android phone in November. I was a die hard Blackberry addict till the day the Droid came to Verizon. I was eligible for an upgrade so I pick one up. It's been all up hill from there. I never thought that I could love a phone as much as I do my Droid. It seems endless, all the different things you can do with these phones. I love the Android Market and could spend hours looking through and trying out all the different apps.

What are some of your favorite apps?



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Post #614 February 2010, 09:12
Umm I'm new here anyone else got a g1.??

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Post #723 July 2010, 07:32
I have xperia x10

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Post #823 July 2010, 16:54
I have a htc desire, and i think it a great phone, it proper trumps the new iphone, it heads the compition now, wat do yal think?



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Just wondering why this Android topic is less popular than other topics about phone OS. For sure its better than for eg. Symbian. In Poland Android phones are ery common. Hope that will change soon

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I have an HTC my touch 3G, have had about 3 weeks first time android owner and this thing is unreal people, the app market is incredible. I am just having a good time with my phone and every thing that it does I just can't say enough about it. , have a good day all


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