why everyone wants to b a siteguard?




Post #119 November 2009, 21:15
actually i had to ask this from the Admin, but i want to know the opinion of other Zedgers,

is it necessary to b a siteguard here on zedge,

we The Uploaders have the responsibilty to upload stuff to get popular, but i have seen that every new zedger wants to b a SiteGuard,

is it nice or ....................
please do tell me,
Guilty as Charged......



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Post #219 November 2009, 21:25
Actually you should ask those who are already siteguards. . .

Im a Siteguard, because i want to contribute somethin to make zedge a better place!Its not because of the Popularity!

And some other Zedgers want to become a siteguard, just to get that Badge!<But thats just my Opinion

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Post #319 November 2009, 21:58
for the badge



Post #419 November 2009, 21:59
so site guard main responsibility is to make zedge perfect,
but there are also many S guards who have weird stuff at there Profiles
i am not against them,
what u say about it???



Post #519 November 2009, 22:02
hey Jason, if everyone is gonna earn the badge than what will happen of the Zedge, everyone here will be a SiteGuard and all those Guards will pull away each other
i just wnna say, there must be a standard



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Post #619 November 2009, 22:06

Quote of user: JasonGrim

for the badge

No doubt, but they are removed.

Quote of user: __maseeh__

but there are also many S guards who have weird stuff at there Profiles

If you think anybody has anything in their profile that breaks the rules here, there is the flag option.



Post #719 November 2009, 22:15
I don't want to be a siteguard but i do something similar like that and i only do it to help some of my friends who are already siteguard, i don't do it myself coz if you dont do enough reporting to zedge admin, they take your badge and then you end up to be a zedger all over again. This is why i dont see the point of been i siteguard in the first place....some ppl here dont have the time to be 24/7 in this place to do all the reporting coz we have better things to do.



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Post #819 November 2009, 22:23
The siteguards perform a necessary function in keeping the site free of p**n and other material which doesn't meet zedge guidelines. With the new system in place they are doing an excellent job. One must remember that they are giving their time freely and their only reward of sorts is the badge that they get. They do it because they want to make zedge a better place and it is quite an exaggeration to say that everyone wants to be a siteguard. And don't forget those badges must be earned.



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Post #919 November 2009, 22:25
i have been a siteguard guru , , ,

but got bored of looking at b***s and private parts , ,

so gave a way the badge , , but was glad to help out a nice site like zedge
. . .



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Post #102 February 2010, 23:06
they wanna be important person


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