Zedge Android App launched




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Post #22118 February 2013, 02:10
some of them are awesom

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Post #22231 May 2013, 11:55
I have been using this app for a while now and belive me, I came to know about this site through the app in PlayStore.
You are on the top list in the Personalisation section. Congrats.

But Sir, I'd like to see Zedge build up an app or make developments in the app to use our profile, upload through the SmartPhones and all. Like, we have for other Social Networking sites. That'd pull in lots of people to upload through their phones. It'd be fun too. And I guess, you have got more addictive fans than anyother site.

Keep up the good work!

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Post #2239 August 2013, 04:39
It is a great app however there are only repeated wallpapers and ringtones I see whenever I go to download I guess the gallery for each phone option should be refreshed in order to get the fresh content uploaded and not only the highest downloaded wallpapers which shows up again and again we have to scroll many times to get the other wallpapers from Gallery



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Post #22420 August 2013, 14:57
To download free ringtones and wallpaper is a good information. It is a good news for users of Android. Thanks



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Post #22516 September 2014, 18:06
Always asking why i can not connect into zedge android app with my account. am I the only one whit this "problem" ?



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Post #22622 December 2014, 07:13
I think it's time to connect our profiles to the app again, like it used to be. Now we have to browse or search through a gimped interface (pretty, but not the most useful) instead of just browsing the site, fav'ing what we want, then loading the app and going to favourites.
The annoying bit is that favourites is still there.

It's a real pain in the behind when swapping phones or factory resetting, all your stuff is gone.



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