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Problem = Stucked L & R Buttons = Common

Symptoms = After pressing "Home" button in a game ...cursor don't move or can't select to "YES"

Solution = Clean the Rubber or contacts on Shoulder Buttons L and R

Note if one is stucked you can't quit games on XMB,also if R is stucked you always boot up in Recovery Mode.

Problem = Joystick Malfunction,Auto scroll , Hard to Control

1. Never use WD-40 (or spray cleaner)

2. Replace if broken

3. Clean with pencil eraser (Not cutter)

Types of Bricked PSP

1.FTP (Forgot To Patch) Bricked - The most common during downgrading Firmware.

Reasons - Nakalimutan mag Patch (Key 5) TA-082+ Mobos cannot boot on 1.50 FW without patching the Key5...Easy downgraders lalo na using GTA procedure wont let you continue without pathing this Key..

Symptoms - On ang unit kasi complete naman ang FW ayaw nga lang magboot! Can also detect if your battery is low..(blinking..).Memstik also have activity...

2. FULL Bricked - Common din kasi matitigas ang ulo sa pag gamit ng low bat at class A na memstix

Reasons - Hindi natapos ang flashing or upgrading.Corrupted data,Memstix hangs,wrong data/dxar reading,LowBat/bat emptied are some of the reasons why flashing stops/hangs.

Symptoms - 21 (Twenty one EXACT seconds po) It takes 21 seconds of looping or program detecting for PSP to shut off..Auto detect ng unit na kulang ang firmware..kaya namamatay..NO MEMSTIX Activity!

3. Flash0 Bricked - nabrick accessing Flash0/resource folder (sa mga malilikot ang imahinasyon sa XMB common na ito)

Reasons - May nabura or naoverwrite na important file/certificate sa Flash0 , naformat sa PC (wrong partition types) , napuno ang Flash0 dahil sa costumizing XMB/cold boot.

Symptoms - Iba iba depende sa nabura...some types hindi na maiayos ng Unbricking...kasi nagalaw na IDStorage...(huhuhu)

4.Cold Solder Bricked - Some of them are just playing the other night pag gising nila!!! Ayaw na bumukas ??W**F!

Reasons - CPU/Power IC/Flash IC problem...due to some minor dropping(nabagsak sa kama/sahig) , nalamigan at nagmoist yung loob , Nagpicture picture sa Beach/swimming pool(ever heard of ASIN sa HANGIN..hehehe)

Sypmtoms - Biglaan Bricked parang cardiac arrest ..hahaha..

5. Semi bricked - Wrong XMB/colboot kaya ayaw magboot..

Reasons - Mali yung topmenu(XMB) or wrong flashing/writing to Resource folder

Syptoms - May recovery pa ! Kaya pa ng recovery files...

6. Corrupted Flash1/flash partition - Loops o paulit ulit na BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) after flashing or Unbricking ..

Techniques to get back to Official/Original Firmware

1. Use Original Pandora to Downgrade to 1.50 Official Firmware.
2. If you don't have Pandora use Recovery Menu.
2. Use Cemeterio V3 to reflash to 3.71 OFW

1.Read Full Nand , Write a Nand Image (3.71 OFW) , rewrite IDStorage.
2. Use Cemeterio V3 to reflash to 3.71 OFW

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