help my SE K850i auto off



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Post #131 August 2009, 11:10
help my k850i is auto off and key pad light is flash. i want to restore factory. help me please.



Post #231 August 2009, 17:51
Hi there
I don't really remmber where it is but try searching in your settings and you'll find it . (an option that says restore factory {or original} settings right ? )
or change these settings yourself
Hope it was useful , and sorry for not being able to help anymore



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Post #331 August 2009, 18:06
have the same phone.
go to menu -> settings->general settings
the restore button is at the bottom of the page



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Post #47 March 2012, 05:45
Hi, i already repaired my phone K850i problem -auto off itself when receive call or receive message. Master reset cannot solve the problem. After reformat firmware , my phone back to normal. Cost to format firmware or software about RM40 only, ok hope can help you all ...thanks

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