iPhone Swarovski cases, comments wanted



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I'm pretty fussy when I come to choose an iPhone case. I've heard about a custom made Swarovski case from an international seller called "DSStyles".

I want to have something grand and elegant as it is for my girlfriend's iPhone 3GS whose 18 year-old birthday is coming and don't want to let her down. The case looks cool as I'm able to make a custom-made case for HER. But I don't know what it exactly looks like when it's on her hand. Does any one tried on their Swarovski before? How long does it take to make a case?

Anyone can help? Any comments and suggestions please.



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to be fair if its being custom made for her...then no ones really going to be able to say how it will look. expect it to be shiney :P



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Do you love diamond or crystals? I got a swarovski case from them, you can custom made a case that you like, the quality is quite good, the case i made has been using for a few months, so far the crystals are shiny and looks pretty elegant, and yes I agree it must be great if you can have a case in the way you want it.

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