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STRONGLY DISAGREE. I'll pick both but still i give LESS IMPORTANCE to common sense and more towards education. Geniuses like Albert Einstien who is known for solving thousands of problem of world lacked common sense in a way. he would get confuse in common things in life. Not only geniuses in the field of science or maths but also in other fields , for eg. Michael Jackson , Bill Gates etc both of them lacked common sense in some way but today they hav created a legacy of their own. It is not common sense that is important .



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That was the biggest bullsh*t i've ever read. Einstein, Bill Gates and MJ lacking common sense? Duuuuude... seriously, think it over. Education only gives patterns, pre-gives situations of events happened, but if you face a unique problem, you have to have common sense...



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Common sense is like a cork in the sea of life: it'll keep your head above the water but that's about it.

Education is the Titanic sailing through life in class and style but over confident and all too prone to the icebergs of reality, bigotry and self delusion.

Common sense is taking an umbrella with you because it looks like rain. Education is knowing that the wind is south westerly and the clouds are dissipating so you don't need an umbrella.

Common sense tells you if it looks like a sheep, sounds like a sheep and walks like a sheep, it's probably a sheep. Education will help you spot the wolf.

Common sense gets you by. Education gets you a life.



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I think it's the combination of both. Each is important, somewhat equally. Common sense can help people in making the right choices which are based on their knowlegde. So... in my opinion a person shouldn't lean in neither direction. The best solution is to be reasonable enough to know that education is very important, but wihout common sense it won't lead you very far. It's not about the knowledge itself, but the ability to use it wisely.

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why educated people must have a lack of common sense? I think there are some clich├ęs here. why do we all go to school? why many of us would like to go to a good college? all of the superstition come from lack of education. fear come from ignorance.
but I agree both is necessary but Education is more important for me (70/30)
in other posts, I understand that some of you consider educated people as people with college degree or more. for my country, educated people are people who just can read and write. and there is a big difference here. because in some countries, it is normal to attend school until bac (or whatever you called the diploma you must get so you can go to college).
in my country, less than 6 % of people go to college, less than that get bachelor degree and less get Master degree. education here is so bad, people can hardly write and read in our language.
maybe in some countries, education is much better than here. there are enough books, there are enough schools, there are enough teachers (1 for more 60) then.
in a good education system, writing and reading is such normal thing. here, in my country, it is a big deal. we have to fight to get a good education, no books, no materials, no computers, nothing. parents want their children to go to school because they know what life is like. they want their children to have a better life. and they know education will help. and these children (from 6 year old) go to school on foot for 5 kilometers.

believe me, most of these people have a common sense. but why more than 80 % of people on my country are poor when as I said 6 % of people could go to college?
but I strongly believe that if they get good education, they can do something for our country.

we need educated people, not only genius just well educated people.
hope you understand my English.



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Common sense rules over education because book knowledge is not enough we must be wise and have good common sense. So education without common sense is meaningless.

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i say education...

with education, common-sense will come next...

i m speaking of experience..
i come across this reality..

two ladies fighting over a man..A is educated, B is not...
B play dirty to get her man...underestimating A saying she's not pretty, A even fight
will all her might, pulling hair, etc...

while A is more civilised, she thinks before action..
she play cool...never hit back what B did...
acts patient, talk through, and at her man

i say education makes A a winner...
because she is educated, she uses her common-sense!



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went through a couple of posts, gud points are done bt something is 4gtn by many and thats the fact that common sense is merely an application of education why im saying that is because when speaking of education we imply everything we learn. it can be from experience, judgement, ethics and morals judgements and so forth therefore rulling out the perception of exclusive academic perspective

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'Common sense is not common' this is too true but a good education helps to create one for all. Herse the education not merely means collecting big degrees, education teaches us to be polite not having useless extra proud.
An educated person can understand the saying of big people like MAHATMA GANDHI, ABRAHAM LINKON Etc. which can help in developing sense of responsibility, cmn understanding, in short overall personality development with cmn sense as main character.
So a valued education key to common sense

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well a nice topic common sense is more needed than education because your education is pointless if you don't have common sense. Because common sense tells you how to use your education
and remember guys :


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