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"It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense." Robert Green Ingersoll

If you had to choose between the two which would you choose? I would take common sense over education any day of the week. People with common sense are grounded in reality. The academics tend to have their heads in the clouds. Common sense is born from experience whereas academics deal more with theory.

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Common sense, without a doubt.

I happen to believe the "university of life" is a far better learning establishment than any college or university. ok, there's no graduation ceremony, but that's cause you never leave.



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So true Geoff...

I'd also go with common sense myself. Something as simple as putting on a money pouch shown up an academic who started work at my local pub, instead of putting it around his waist he tied it around his neck, with an unsure look on his face.
I had to feel sorry for the bloke, yet amusing as it was.
With common sense you'd wait until you see how every one else wears it first.



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"The academics tend to have their heads in the clouds."

Right you are, Lucero !

Some, if not most, who had education are like that... Perhaps they figured that just because they have more knowledge, they are better than the others. Well, they may be, academically speaking.

However, education, without common sense, won't guarantee that one would really, really succeed in careers or in life...

It would open doors, yeah. But, at the end of the day. One's performance on the job is being evaluated in different metrics. Some of which include, efficiency, interpersonal skills (which, definitely requires common sense), etc. etc.

In this economic downturn and in all actuality, no one is safe from being fired. Not even the educated ones. Everybody is virtually dispensable.

Now, I think it's safe to say that, those people who rely purely on their education would find it harder to get by.

Whereas, a person sans education but has and uses a lot of common sense would find it a a bit easier.

I know you get what am tryin' to point out guys, so no need to explain further

--- Lea NiƱa



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What miss clucero seems to me missing here is that she is here considering academicians with gross blockheads who don't seem how to get on with basic things around them vis common sense .Well there is no denying fact that human being learns through experience only ,but its mostly the observational part of human being that matters more in life then his/her educational and other so called technical qualifications . Education is surely a waste if you don't know its practical implications and there is no way that academicians should be considered as sole violators of it only . Education gives us a theoretical insight of the world around us .How much practicality we bring into it through our common sense matters the most .So at this juncture both academicians and non academicians give tough contest to each other when it comes to applying one's practical life related skills.. Who says academicians have their heads above clouds? Well has miss clucero forgotten that a certain category too exists in this world that is of All Rounders,who posses an optimum traits of common sense and academics . Can we ignore them??? Nah...... .Infact education is a greatest gift to the mankind and there are only rare ones who can cherish it fully . So comparing it criss cross with common sense clearly points out to a gross insult and disrespect to this greatest human treasure.

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Common sense is a sub-set of education. every person uses common sense but da educated know how to apply it better. education opens peoples minds and that sense of responsibility is viciously developed. this in turn affects decisions being made. common sense is more common with educational background

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Both are important, remember, balance is key to success

Both will take you a long way. Lots of smart educated people are stuck in low or middle management jobs because they lack common sense and people skills. However all the common sense and people skills in the world doesn't matter in a large corporation

Common sense will keep you alive. Education can make that life more fulfilling by opening up job opportunities and exercising your mind.



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i think common sense is better but they both go hand in hand
in the world today employers are not just looking at your education background only
but expernce,just remember that they are plenty people with education,and common sense is not common,



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lets say both...
Sometimes..wen i hve an exam paper...i get to reply questions using common sense nd general knowledge...
Education is theory...nd common sense is some way...

Education is a way to find a job..and earn respect in the society we live..
koz widout a degree or certificate..we are nothing..
but to get a job..we need also common sense...



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If I must choose one, i'd pick common sense. Although, as others already mentioned, both are very important. Education is OK in my country (i guess ), but i see a lot of people who show no sign of common sense (actually, they show the sign of no sense at all ). Most of the times, they have a really low performance in the education also.

Luckily, most of the guys say that i have that "common sense" mentioned, and i'm being educated (starting the university in a month), so i guess i'm lucky :P

but i've gotta agree with Princess_Saj, if you're smart enough, you answer tests based on your common sense. I haven't learned a word in my life, yet the average of my high school final exams were around 85%


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