is math the real universal language????




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you are right too.i was just little bit apprehensive that maths a sole reason in communicating. also infact that communication not involves maths, emotions also and they can't quantified that is expreesed in terms of mathematics. you love someone,can taht be expressed in mathematical nos.,not at allllllllllllllllllllllll

I understand what you're saying. That's a totally different subject to talk about when it comes to loving someone, and I defy ANYONE to give a DEFINITE answer for that one!!!

Why don't you post it in the forum-"What Is Love?" I'll let you take that one as it's most definitely beyond me to work out!

i am also a lover of mathematics sir but prefer to keep it aloof from rest of life affaires.

also yeah you can express love sir in terms of mathematics only.apply probability models and sampling techniques.

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guys. im so impressed of what it turned out about this topic.. really cool and nice.. please keep it coming and i want to know what others think about the real universal language.. math... or why they think its not...

danny from uk.. really nice explanations.. and to mr zedger from armenia.. keep it up..



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I think that if there are aliens out there and they are smarter then us, than they will easily learn our laguage.
Maybe they've a higher developed tehchnology, and build a system that can translate every language in the universe.
It's a cool idea that math could be the language of the universe..... but if it's so than I'll be hopelesly lost....(I realy s**k at math -.-)..... Hmmmmm but what if they comunicat by using a Binary system????? Or If they speak by using Musical scales???? (that would be easyer for me to learn )

Yea that'S an Interesting topic!!!!!



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i think the universal language is sign language... why?
don't ask why... you can't just approach someone and say " e is = to mc2"?
first thing you do is wave then do the pointing like me and you and do the star trek sign..
i don't know what they called it... but alll in all... it's sign language. i think?



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good thought

tho in my opinion maths cant be the universal language.

for example, 101011 means 101011 in the "regular" maths, but in binary, it means 43.

Languages are basically based upon signs. Maybe they have set surveillance to the earth for a 1000 years now, and they are about to attack us any minute... or they are learning our language. Who knows. In my opinion, "aliens" are not a collective word. It's like you say "people". There are people in africa or south america who still live in tribes, and think that the saman can change the weather, while others have their own jets, with hi-tech wireless stuff and else.

The universe is big and old enough to assume that there are others, who are more advanced compared to us.

But i guess if the two of us would meet (and they dont speak our language), the sign system would be binary - since thats the most simple.



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Mathematics cannot be a universal language. Mainly because it certainly isn't the same in the whole Universe, no mater what scientsist may say or think. Civilizations even on our tiny planet have developed deifferently than one another. Imagine how different a civilization that is milions of light years away from us would've developed. Also, if an alien race is advanced enough to have figured how to travel such distances, they will most probably figure out how to communicate with us, too. Unfortunately for us, if their behavioral pattern is the same as ours, they'll just wipe humanity out and won't even try to communicate.
That's what I think, anyway.

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actually i dun get d sense of d question.. but i will answer it..
Math aint a universal language..
if Math will be the universal language.. i wont dare speak nor talk!
coz duh? i hate math.



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...hmm.. personally, i ?elieve that there are some other creatures except from us (people) in the universe..
furthermore.. the language of mathematics and the mathematical symbols, and numbers are creations of people.. so if 'aliens' could contact with people via numbers, they could via different foreign languages, too! so this couldn't be possible, because someone must have teach them all these things..
but.. the mathematics' logic, could be a way of communicate between them and as..
and something else.. it is so hard for someone over 18 to believe that they could get in a person's mind.. c'mon, it is impossible!!
*and i love maths!


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