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Post #12127 January 2009, 21:47

Quote of user: kilynn

Changed my mind. Don't like it! the Da** thing won't close and is always in the way! Makes pages load slower and is in general very irritating! Would be a good addition if only it would close and go away!

If you are having issues with this feature, please try to help the admin's help you

Quote of user: bigbluechief

Is anybody experiencing problems with the Ticker box now?

Expected behavior should be;
- Show the Ticker box by clicking on the "Ticker" link or [+] button in the menu.
- Hide the Ticker box by clicking the link or [-] button in the menu -or- click the [-] button in the top right corner of the Ticker box.
- Move the Ticker box freely around on top of the page.
- If you hide the box it should not pop up again, ever, before you again click the "Ticker" link or [+] button in the menu.

If you're having problems please provide the following information:
- Browser and version
- Operating System
- Are you knowingly using a proxy or a cache server?
- Are you blocking cookies? If so check your browser settings and/or settings in your firewall that might prevent cookies from being saved.
- Are you knowingly using any add-ons or extensions that might alter the behavior of Zedge?
- Have you tried another browser (Examples: Opera, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome) and having the same problem there?

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Post #12227 January 2009, 22:12
i think its really nice
but i think if it was lil smaller would be nicer
cuz sometimes it gets in the way .. n then i have to close it ..

but thanks any way i really missed it



Post #12328 January 2009, 00:25
nice feature...

we could make some more improvements but this one's very innovative



Post #12428 January 2009, 05:34
thanks zedge.......
i luv it
more easier...



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Post #12528 January 2009, 06:04
how to permanently stop ticker poping up??
i did click on [+] button in the menu but it starts poping up again after my post.



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Post #12628 January 2009, 07:32
great niCe oNe



Post #12728 January 2009, 07:43
It's great.You can keep track of the forums.



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Post #12828 January 2009, 07:57
un cool

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Using Firefox latest version
WIndows Xp
Not sure abt proxy ...
Cookies are enabled
Extensions ? I have a Downloadhelper provided by firefox and Some activeX plug-in
havnt used any other browser

The thing pop-ups everytime when i refresh a page . . .
And also after 5 mins . . .


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