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can u tell me how i can use swf themes in k800



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dont support swf thm.



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je veu vous posé une question SVP?
est ce que le K800i suporte les thèmes en SWF.
si oui, comment le faire ???



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non les K800 ne supportent pas les themes en swf



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Quote of user: acheraiou

non les K800 ne supportent pas les themes en swf

theme k800i or w850i

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Quote of user: tzetzi85

good question.

i think that the builders dont know this. and when uploading there theme, they are asked to prompt for which phone this can be used. well in my oppinion, theye just select something and upload. stupid i know. i have k800 to, and it took me over 45 min, to figure out that it doesnot support swf

45 min. wasted for nothing,if you ask me.
People make theme for K800 and say it works because they make it for a specific software(firmware) version,meaning V4.5,V4.6.....V4.9 latest.
Some phones support flashlite (.swf) files and runing on old firmware,like k800,etc.

I know this post is old,but when i saw your comment,i took 5 min. of my precious time to explain just in case you still think "people don't know" and it's "stupid"
And why do you complain,more than 50% of themes here are stolen from "eSeth" and most idio*s don't even read the discription or copyright info before downloading.


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