LG Cookie manual - please !!!



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Post #113 January 2009, 06:25
I need user manual lg cookie - help

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try go to the website of LG in your country then go to Manuals & Software
& find your phone's model.

you should be able to download it if the site have it.



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Post #318 January 2009, 01:06
how cum??
wat do u need help on?? ^^

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Post #42 February 2009, 05:08

when you bought the fone, it comes with a manual already.



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You can download from there. It's quite complete.



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Can anyone tell me how to change the theme on my lg cookie. I remeber finding it when i first got my phone but i forgot. Plz help

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hi dragon slayer..

regarding to your post on how to change the theme on you LG cookie, just open your setting menu then click screen setting option followed by opening the "wallpaper setting". you can use the default theme or change it to your preferred images stored on your phone by choosing "use existing image"....

hoping i was able to help......... though late..........



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Our friend femme_fetaLe is correct. There's no way to change the theme on LG Cookie, only the Wallpaper. In this case, 2 wallpapers, one for Widgets screen and other to Speed Dial screen.
The theme I refeer is to change color and appearence of the menu.



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mylgcookie.com You can download the manual in pdf and you can activate themes for LG cookie.

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