which is better reading or watching?




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actually both...
i depends on ones mood....sometyms when one is calm will b keenly interested to read..
but if will b upset or not in a good mood...watching will help the same person...instead of reading

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for most of the ppl watching is better.
it costs much less time to get hold of the whole story, seems way cooler than just reading combination of words, and thousands more other reasons.

but in a film, everything is already instantly served.
the settings, characters' appearances, how the song hummed by the child sounds, everything..
by reading you can let your imagination play a role. 10 ppl would see 10 different kind of castle by reading the same book.

so yes.. i prefer reading, because there are no actors, directors, or CG in this world good enough to beat the power of imagination



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Im a nerd so i prefer reading..
Plots make more sense in book form because the point of the book is to tell a story, not be visually spectacular. I will have "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" as an example here. This book had quite a lot of action in it already and yet when the movie was released huge chunks of the story were removed and replaced with even more action. The entire dragon chase sequence around the school, ending with Harry crashing into the roof did not exist in the book. It didnt add a single thing to the story and because of this lengthy sequence the movie dragged on and still didnt make any sense because key pieces of information were never revealed.

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i'm up for watching ,take an example about a dance practice ,you gona read to make moves ? Very funny ..watching is 10 times better ,you wont forget what you see very soon.. sorry i dont ..i've learned alota stuffs watching videos in youtube ,it is more simpler and highly informative

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Hello and here's my 2 cents worth...

As an avid reader myself, my vote has to go for reading as reading provides one with an escapism like no other. Every word that you read translates into a visual in your mind that is exclusive to you and you alone. As both reading and watching are sedentary activities, I would say that reading involves more brain power as it is a cognitively active task.

Only you have the power to interpret what is written and present yourself with a visual treat that is uniquely yours within your mind when reading. With movies, the sights and interpretation of characters and events are dictated, so to to speak, for you by the director. In other words, you are merely passively imbibing what is already laid out for you whereas with reading, it helps you to realize the full extent of the power of cerebration as you learn to spot symbolism within the paragraphs and to discover its meaning with nothing but your brain.

In summary, I find that reading is definitely something that someone who appreciates silence and solitude would enjoy.



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I rather prefer reading
according to me, There's no match for that.
Because it helps our brain to develop creative thinking.
I'm not addicted to some ridiculous things in watching



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For me reading a book is better than watching television because it is more stimulating.

Books can help you to increase your vocabulary and develop your imagination and creativity. Also, it takes more concentration to read a book than to watch T.V.. A Book Is Unique. Sure, every person who picks up a copy of the same book is going to read the same plot, but thanks to the powers of our respective imaginations.

So I Prefer To Read Books ....But I Am Lazyyyyy Tooooo



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i am for both ....
say for example, you read very profound quote, it makes your imagination & logic work by simply understanding or you dig deeper to the meaning of what was written. watching makes you all the more excited. i get to be visually stimulated & entertained so there's action & interaction too.
both works for me



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For the sarter people reading is always better coz you can imagin the characters and whats going on, your mind is working and you go in your own world. Watching if also good but your imagination is not working the same way while like when you are reading. Reading is improving your creativity



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Reading exercises your mind, when you read a book your mind actually “lives” the situation created by the author, you almost feel what they feel, see what they see and share their fear when danger threatens the character. TV does none of these things.


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