which is better reading or watching?




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. . .hi I'm just wondering which is better reading your favorite story ? or watching it?
we all have our own answer and it will depends on you on how are you going to elaborate your answer ..



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Post #224 October 2008, 18:01
I prefer to watch my favorite story rather than to read it . reading is boring and it takes a lot of time while by watching your story, you can get the littlest detail in a short time. i think its easier to understand the act by watching than reading.



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For me s0me times it w0uld be better if u r g0ing to read it.. Because the w0rds may bec0me verry clear for y0u .. Specially when the story you are reading is not u'r first language^_~...

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I prefer to watch because i hate to read. Reading takes up a lot of time and its is boring. Im the type of person to go and do something rather that watch tv anyway. However if you truly what to understand something i still believe reading is the way to go. Like the harry potter movies, the books was a lot better than the movie. Only after reading the book i truly understood the movie and as a result got to like it.



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im for reading becuz

of one reason you understand the story more

a good example is those films which have been transfered from book to film

they miss out so many detail and sometimes make up things so it looks good on screen

reading the book u can understand the main character of the book

a movie is something to watch to pass time

when ur bored

a book learns a person new things



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I prefer watching, coz I believe a picture tells a story of 1000 words.

But there are exceptions, like if its too "out of real world" subject (sci-fi, fiction) then it would be better going for a book. For example 'The Matrix' it took me sometime to understand the core plot of it... After all it depends on the creativity of the director to convey the story.

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well i prefer reading ma fave story because:

when a story is adapted on tv usually doesn't have all the parts of the story
a) u stick more with the sound effects and 2 the apppearance of the characters
b) sometimes some scenes that are not in the original story are added or changed
[come on a story should be exciting on tv ....how are ppl gonna watch it if it's it's not catchy]

c) when u reading u can imagine the whole scene/characters etc....[imagination wiiiiii!!!]

remeber guys : this topic should be 25+ words

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I prefer reading. I can easily take a book with me in the toilet when nature calls.

But seriously, most kids today seem to have lost the passion for reading. The nice thing about reading is that it builds-up a good vocabulary (i love discovering new words and phrases...i always have a dictionary handy when reading a new book) and you can actually let your imagination run wild. Sure there are some things tv can do that you wont find in books, but the same can be said about books. I still find that books convey a good story better than television.

My two cents



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watching im too lazy to read

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Actually, scientifically Reading is better. Because in this, human use only EYES & BRAIN. But watching, they have to use more than READING. They have to use EYE, BRAIN, EAR.

So, most of the time is use to READING BOOKS.


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