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Thanx man. Firefox is the one for me. It's not only fast but with add-ons you can customize the browser to your taste



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Hai zedgers me a Google Chrome customer...

I have used Mozilla , Opera , Avant and IE . But after using chrome no heart to roll back..
U can sure notice the Speed Difference

Features of Google chrome :

1. 25 % Faster than Mozilla and IE .
Hope u friends won beleive my words. But u must beleive your eyes right ?
Try this link.

a.Close all other applications open ur Google chrome browser and
type in the link . Click "start" and test ur speed, make a note of it.

b. Now exit google chrome. open ur mozilla or IE. try the same link.
what do u observe????? Compare the results and see it by urself.

2. Inbuilt converter

Type the following in ur google chrome address bar and see what happens :
100 cm in m

Google Chrome Browser itself has an inbuilt converter

3. Drag and drop tabs

u can drag and drop ur tabs any where in the order u wish..
Even u can a drop a tab out of the window, it will be opened in a new window. Again u can drop a window into ur tab...
does not that look gud????

4.Incognito windows

Whatever u browse here will not be registered in the History of the browser .
No trace of cookies too.

The only draw back about chrome is it needs some additional java plugin
which is not inbuilt to support some java Chat sites and u can download it from here

But anyways nothing can beat the appearance of Opera.....

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Opera is the best choise !! Fast and easy !!!



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Apple's Safari is the best .....



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Firefox no bug



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firefox sucks



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Quote of user: steven_web

chrome is not as good as firefox 3 :p
but the "incognito" funciton is cool

btw , does anybody already tried IE 8 ??


chrome handles javascript much more faster than firefox.

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Chrome is bringing the web application platform more common

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I also tried Maxthon, Flock, Knoqueror and Avant.

Maxthon uses the default IE's rendering engine but has great set of addons that traditional IE lacks.

Flock is best for those who love social networking because of its integrated support for faceboook, orkut, hi5 and many more social networks. It is simply best in its class.

Konqueror did not impress me so much but it is more famous on Linux world.

Avant is yet another striving browser. Not so good but may be better than IE.



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Apple's Safari is the best .....


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