SE k850i concerns



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Post #129 August 2008, 11:52
i m willing to buy k850i but i have some concerns about it
my friend told me that k850 is full of bugs ,it has touch screen sensor problem , it hangs alot
& BROD problems
is that true?
any one using k850 ,PLZ help



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Post #231 August 2008, 08:30
Yup? its true that K850i carries these probs. but u can solve it by upgrading its firmware though.



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Post #312 October 2008, 14:18
i wouldnt bother getting it - im on my 5th handset of the K850i now and yesterday it started playing up like the others - full of bugs!!!!!!!!!



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Post #412 October 2008, 19:19
Yeah, K850i is full of bugs and SonyEricsson already stop selling the K850i. Don?t get this.

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