nokia N95 8gb theme problem




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Post #1110 October 2008, 09:29
Yes, as stated above always click "continue anyway" when trying to install a theme.

Another tip: save your themes to your phone memory instead of your mass memory, that way they are easy to delete again (via Applications).



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Post #1215 January 2009, 23:12
hi out of interest have you solved your problem yet coz i have the same phone as u N95 8GB and i am have the exact same problem !

hope u can help.



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If u are missin parts of a theme u installed chances are there not the same feature pack as ur phone ie... n95-1 is fp1 n95 8gb is fp2. fp2 phones have lots of extra bits that fp1 phones don't have. When i create themes in carbide ui for symbian phones like ours there is the option for fp1 or fp2. All the themes i have built and posted on here are for fp1 phones and i try to put that on my download page cos its a pain in the jaxey if they are fp1 and u got an fp2 phone.
I suggest that you download a theme from a different source on the net from a theme masters own page that u know is fp2 cos it says so and see if u still have a problem. i suggest taieb themes or gnokkia themes as a good start as they both list fp1 and fp2 so u know ur gettin the right theme for ur phone. a search on google will lead u there.

Hope this helps



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try upgrading your OS ver.

themes have symbian support so upgrade to a new one



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hey guys just wanna let u all know that thanx for ur replies and great efforts to help me. I've sort of given up wit themes for my phone as i didnt get anywhere wit it. I have managed to get few themes which work and am survivin wit them. Projectrev i have recently upgraded my firmware version to 30.0.15 and still have same problem! Oh well forget it now. Once again thanx everyone! I appreciate it x

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