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I think drugs are harmfull, obviously depending the person and the drug, i wouldnt call them good or bad as they are stereotypical words that push things up and down, drugs are plainly drugs, people who what they do and how they affect, the rest is ur i will add. ive been a drug addict since i ws 11 till my late 20 and one thing i learned is nothin good cmes from them, apart frm knowledge, i wldnt be who i am if i wasnt there..but i also have friends who are not longer here..
each to their own

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Appropriate title for this topic methinks...just a long list of posts with people overreacting and complaining about drugs. In short, I don't believe that ALL drugs are bad. Obviously, some drugs like h****n aren't even worth discussing, they're just always a terrible idea. But there are definitely better drugs and better drugs for you than alcohol. I don't see why it's socially acceptable for people to get d***k in pubs, start fights and generally act like morons but it's not ok for someone to smoke

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Post quote:

Once again, an opinion taken straight from the media, I have never heard of any child being neglected because of the use of m*******a. For one reason most people stay high for about an hour after using, so after that hour if you want to continue being high you need to smoke more. This means it will get extremely expensive to smoke so much that you neglect a child, no one has that kind of money.

And now you have.

You may not hear of every case in the media of children being neglected because of m*******a use, but I have known many, many people that have had their children taken away from them because they were high. Their drug of choice? M*******a.

As a former "pothead", I will admit that the high is addicting. However, the side effects are the same as being d***k:

* Trouble remembering things
* Slowed reaction time
* Difficulty concentrating
* Sleepiness
* Anxiety
* Paranoia (feeling that people are "out to get you")
* Altered time perception

Not only are the above the side effects while high on m*******a,the following are some of the common physical effects of m*******a:

* Tremors (shaking)
* Nausea
* Headache
* Decreased coordination
* Breathing problems
* Increased appetite
* Reduced blood flow to the brain
* Changes in the reproductive organs

Using m*******a for a long time makes some people lose interest in school, work, relationships and other activities. It may also cause legal problems (e.g. neglecting your children, killing an innocent bystander, or getting caught with a "bag" or other paraphernalia). Using m*******a can be especially dangerous in certain situations, such as when you are driving, because your reaction time is slower. This makes it more difficult to react to a dangerous situation, which could cause an accident.

I am a self-admitted, former pothead. Why did I quit? Because my responsibilities as a daughter, mother, sister, friend, co-worker, and spouse overcome the need and/or want to get high. If there were less people getting high, and less people thinking of only smoking a joint, blunt, bowl...whatever, then things like children being neglected, or getting killed at work.

I'm not placing the blame for these actions strictly on tokers. However, studies have shown that people under the influence of drugs and alcohol are less responsible. Particularly, those that make it a regular habit. I've seen many, many people that I have known for years become someone I wouldn't even want to talk to in public because of their drug (m*******a) habits. I've known people that ONLY smoke m*******a, and they are worse than any alcoholic that I've ever met. I work in a bar, and that's a pretty bad observation to meet.

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Vexxer is right... M*******a is not a too harmful drug. The only effect it causes is that it gives you a trance sensation. And, the best quality, it doesn't cause addiction...

Many therapies in treating cancer use m*******a to cause the patients hallucinations... Although, it is used in the final stages, to reduce pain to induce the patient a trance sensation... Nevertheles, in Romania, pharmacies were first named as "druggist's shops".



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hi there!

I'm from the Netherlands and here are soft drugs legal..Almost every town has a coffeeshop. Although I don't do drugs, but I totally agree that other gouvernements in other countries are way overreacting by not legalizing soft drugs. In the Netherlands we can handle this privilege in a responsible way..So we try it once, but because it's legal, it isn't that excited to do..Also the non-users like me, are not against it..It's a kind of 'culture'..What would Amsterdam be without 'the famous' coffeeshops?


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I don't think people are overreacting to this ILLEGAL drug addiction. Drinking is one thing, even smoking a little pot, but taking prescription drugs recreationally is dangerous..... too much of everything is bad, it only escalates afterwards once you become habitual to these addictions

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I think people should overreact about drugs. I am a greatful recovering addict. I started smoking pot when i was 16 now I'm 32. I've been clean for 7 months. This isn't the first time I've gotten clean. Today I work an honest program of narcotics anonymous. Today I understand that my highter power (GOD) gives me strength when I feel weak. I choose Meth over everything and everybody in my life.. I wnet to school and went to work, took care of my responsibilites. I was a verty productive addict. This time I understand that I had become a SLAVE to this stupid chemical that I've willingly put in my body for so long. I couldn't stop when I wanted too. I smoked and then cried because I didn't want it....but couldn't stop. I think all DRUGS are nothing more then a EVIL distraction from the True brilliances of Life. Today I choose to walk through life with my eyes wide open, clear minded and ALIVE!! Today I choose to turn away from negetive forces that only blind me from all the beauty life has to offer. Today the choice is mine and I choose to NOT BE A SLAVE to any mind or mood altering chemical.



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People would not overreact about drugs if there would be decent campains which explain their influence,downsides etc.People overreact about drugs because they are not EDUCATED about them.At least,from where I come,drugs are some forbiden subject.No one ever talks about it and they get all irritated and surprised how their children got into this mess.Such important matters NEED to be explained to the youth,they NEED to be informed.Teeangers are CURIOUS and the MUST know in what they are getting theirselves into.I bet,if 70% of those who are addicted to drugs would have thought twice before trying whatever substance they tried.
I also believe drugs should be legalised and sold ONLY in cafetarias.Because when you are in a cafetaria,they care what they give you.When you buy drugs on the street,they don't care if that is a light or strong drug or whom they give to.They just want to sell their stuff.


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