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Ok.. In 25+ words tell me what makes you spend so much time on internet forums,playing word games and talking to other people instead going out on fresh air,on a coffe or a drink with your 'real' friends...

Be honest and tell me do you think you're addicted to internet and does it effect your real life...

I'll start..I have been hooked to this when I was younger but succesifully unhooked my self,so I'm surfing now only when I have time on my work to kill the time...



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Post #212 July 2008, 14:01
My reason for spending so much time here , not necessarily on Zedge, is because it's too d**n h**t outside

Seriously now, my real friends aren't as real as i thought they were. And when you are deceived like this, you learn that virtual friends can sometimes be better, because they can't hurt you as much. And i am proud to say i have a few wonderful friends here. Thank Zedge for that

As for what you said, that it may affect our real lives, well ... Nothing's changed. In my life, i mean. Being so h**t outside, my friends and i rarely go out during the day. So that's how i became addicted to this way of communicating to people. Staying inside

But hell, i still go out for coffee and drinks, to parties and whatever. I'm not that kind of addict that all he can see is the monitor. I'm a soft addict



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i'm here only when i have free time. i've few friends here and they are great and worth to keep in touch. zedge is friendly site with friendly people around. i enjoy every minute while i'm here. i love discussion in the forum and chat on guestbook.

my real few friends are great too. they don't have account here so real and virtual are seperatted.



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Yes, I am addicted to the Internet. But with good measure. An example: I spend at least 6 hours/ day writing on forums. If I would stay outside with my friends, maybe I'd have some more quality time. But by doing so, I wouldn't be able to meet people from other countries and be friends with them ( I talk with about 20 people from U.S, and 5 from Japan, with who I exchange photos from the country-side, or share memories). This is why I spend my time on the web, to meet people that, with my current resources, i could not meet face to face. Not everyone can travel out of their homeland, so for 6-7$ bucks/ month, it is much more convenient this way.



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Seriously, do people really have to ask why the Internet is so addicting?

No, kidding. But believe, me there are a gazillion reasons why the Internet can be addicting. First, it caters to a whole host of interests. Whether this be anime, K-drama, gardening, books, MMORPG or whatever floats your boat. And there are tons of diversity, which makes it all the more better.

As for me, I'm addicted to the Internet, yes, but I don't think it controls my life that much. As much as I would like to spend eight hours in front of the computer, I have other priorities in life that needs to be taken care of immediately. For example, academics. I already have too many experiences of failing grades in exams due to the internet so I've already learned my lesson and stop using the computer when it comes to exam week.



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Totally addicted to internet, I spend at least 13 of 24 hours per day, uploading stuff here, modificating my facebook profile, downloading music, pictures, sometimes I don´t eat or say to my friends that I´m sick and don´t go out with them, well, I think I´m a cyber human, I´m a dentist but i love technologies!!!!!

Well, I go out with my friends 3 or 4 tiems per month.



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A life without internet today is like living in the ocean and not knowing how to swim...I am not a cyber freak, but i spend a lot of time on the internet beacuse I can comunicate with a lot of people with whom I share my interests...I used to love playing games, but now it seems rather childish...I preffer to chat with people via MSN, or post on forums...



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Coz im not working at the moment.. most of my friends are working..
they dont have time to hang out with me..

and its really h**t outside..
i'd rather spend my time here at zedge..

im a home buddy...
i just go out if needed..

and most of my friends loves clubbing
and drinking... i dont drink.. and im not in to clubbing anymore..

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Yes i'm addicted 2 internet and it effects my real life to the fullest
but i couldn't care less

Since there's nothing interesting in real world why go out and then be sad and cry for not having fun?
obviously real life bores me internet is more exciting i can have more fun and learn new things all the time...
that's why i spend lots of hours on the internet

and a note to what addict071 said : fresh air? if u live in big city the fresh air is limited



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I'm not hooked on the internet, i like to go out as much as i can.

But i do go on it when i don't go out and normally for hours.
Real life can be fun and there is always something to do. But you can learn things using the internet
more than you do by going out and breathing in either the fresh or polluted air!
Virtual.. You can learn things about life, read or see things that can change the way you feel about other things.

I'm not saying that Virtual is better than Real or Real is better than Virtual.. But in some ways they can
be the same as each other.
The only difference is that its healthier to go out into the ''Real'' world than stay sat at the virtual one


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