Can money buy happiness?




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I know this question has been raised number of times but I would anyway like to know the general view of you people. Do you think money can buy happiness?



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Well, in my own view... Life sure is a lot easier when you have money, but like all things, too much of one thing often leads to conflicts with another.

The secret to happiness? Balancing your personal life with your professional life. Learn how to keep the scales even and not only will you enjoy financial success (and all of the perks that come with it), but you will enjoy rewarding and mutually responsive relationships and connections with other people. Most of all, you will learn about yourself.

The happiest man or woman alive is the individual that truly knows who they are, what they want out of life, and how to keep themselves emotionally and physically satisfied.



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Of Course It Can't !
The More Money The More Care
The More Money The More Problems



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Nope only god can do that



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The question is similar to ~
Can money buy health??
Or rather..
Can money buy time??

I bet it is hard for us to
equate materialism well-being with
spiritual contentment.

If one says happiness can be bought..
Well, ask the person..
How much do we have to pay for it??

But but..
Sometimes, it works like a belief.
unh.. for instance..

If one loves ice-cream,
and he or she feels the sense of happiness
while enjoying ice-cream.
Well, he or she can easily get happiness..
just by spending some money to get ice-cream.
Still, do people accept such "logic"??

Here comes another question.
How do we define happiness??

If one says happiness is getting what they want.
Just imagine..
If you need a laptop, and you finally get yourself one..
So, is this considered as a type of happiness??
And, don't forget in this case, you actually buy the so-called
happiness with money..

In my humble opinion..
Before you ask yourself..
"Can money buy happiness?"
Maybe the following question should come before that..
"What does happiness mean to me??"



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Money can buy everything this days ....I am serious by this ..
When ppl say that poor can be happy , I don't believe this .It only can be in Mexican series , and dramas . But Dongzi said something about buying health , time and other stuff , this what we can't buy .
How much money you have you are happy .....



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If having material things brings a person happiness then yes. But most people eventually realize that the sense of happiness they get from money is a false sense of happiness.



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We live i a world were money is like the air we breath , i would not say money cannot buy happiness or that money can buy happiness cause money has become the bases of all emotion be it joyful or sorrowful . Gone are the day when you can say you don not need money , so if you ask me money constitute an integral part of happiness



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happiness consists of different branches ...
happiness of success
happiness of luxury
happiness of company , etc ..
Money can buy some of those happiness and others cant be bought
so we cant say money can buy happiness or cant ... it is a variable thing
that's my point , i think it is the only explanation for the whole issue of asking if money can do things that cant b bought ... etc , but money is important in our lives and none can deny that ..



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Nope. But it can buy you a close substitute

Depends really on how you define "happiness".
If you're talking about, for example, being able to buy the best things that no one else has,
then yes it will make me happy.
On the other hand, if it concerns my relationship with God or other people, then no. Money won't help me there.

Ask this question to poor folks who can't afford to buy three square meals a day or get a decent education. You think they're happy?...You'll get a very different answer.

So you see? It's a matter of perspective.


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