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2.Do i need to take screen shot for all the themes i download or 1 screen shoot meet all the themes of that particular model.......

Please answer my second Question........

Now i am clear how to take a screen shot. My next question is how will i take a screen shot for a theme created in Zedge. i cannot view to take a screen shot. I need to upload then only i can take a screen shot. Do i need to upload in some other website and then need to take a screen shot.

ok u can take screenshot from zedge tools theme maker too just select ur handset first and create theme and after creating theme u take 2 screenshots according to ur screensize like 240X320 or whatever and then download the theme ....and then upload in zedge and put and u can also create theme from other site like <snipped>[/url] and can take screenshot like i expained above .hope u understand

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You can use WinSnap to make a screenshot for your Theme, very easy to use

You can Download Apps here

WinSnap Download ==> <snip Geoff_999>

No links to filesharing sites.

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those screenshots were made in mobile by using a software bestscreensnap.... u need to install it in ur mobile and can take screenshots of the mobile screen...



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how about if you using CP MODE what is the command and tools needed?

This post was written on a mobile device.



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For nokia series 40 and series 60 2nd edition phone's theme....use to make theme and screenshots...
For nokia series 60 3rd edition and above...use carbide.ui...
take a screenshot using prt scr button on keyboard....paste it in it as Jpeg...use any image editor for cut or crop....resize those to less than 50kb....



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When I press the Print screen button my whole computer background, Internet etc etc.. comes with ;( How do I solve it?



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You have to crop that picture to get the screenshots......



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I just use the simple MS paint and it work



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I use IrfanView download



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screenshots croped in any version of photoshop are rarly accepted by zedge


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