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Post #56118 April 2008, 21:00
In my opinion, 2.0 was better, here it`s so hard to find new pictures which are uploaded...On first page there are only "Featured Wallpapers", and today i`ve seen there only a few different pictures...It`s A bit monotonous now. Don`t like it much...



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Post #56218 April 2008, 21:02
this sit has been outstanding in all areas of mobi network and i have use this site almost 2 days ago n i have found every thing on this like google if u guys are working like this then u ll be top of the google network i bet u ???????



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Post #56318 April 2008, 21:19
it looks good its so much more than a face lift the new features for posting are much more use able. a little practice is needed but its good. i love the related feature it brought up stuff i liked from other users. very cool there. it is so much eraser it listen to ring-tones now and the family filter was a real good idea. i think we need a new category's in the wallpaper section ether art or paintings would work. i have been uploading some lately and i really don't have a place to put them other then misc. and that's really no place for the Mona Lisa.



Post #56418 April 2008, 21:22
Love it guys well done!! A+



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Post #56518 April 2008, 21:27
Its great, well done!
But Please, PLEASE bring back the option of size choices rather than just mobile selection, for those of us who's mobiles arent listed. Makes downloading wallpapers in the correct size difficult, if not impossible. In this regard I preferred the old format!!!!!



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Post #56618 April 2008, 21:33
I have been adding friends since yesterday but they are not added in my friendslist, the "friends" section in my pro is not updating?! Please help thanks a lot and more power to you all Cheers



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Post #56718 April 2008, 21:33
so d**n pretty coooooooooooooooooooooooooool

great jobe indeed im loven it

thanx & good luck



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Post #56818 April 2008, 22:05
very very nice but it takes time to appear because our net signal is very weak



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Post #56918 April 2008, 22:17
its cool......................... now we can use this site very easily,thanks people for cool Zedge 3.0



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Post #57018 April 2008, 22:32
wow its amazing like the new generation site..............................


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