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hi everyone! - i know there's a risk of this topic being redundant or force an argument but, it might be interesting to see the sparks fly...

i want to know which os is better a windows smartphone or a symbian smartphone?

i have a symbian phone and my sister gave me an xda flame. admittedly i know some about symbian phones but i know nothing about windows smartphones. - anything anyone can tell me will be great!



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I used to use symbian but switched over to windows mobile becuase of the wide variety of apps you can install on it and the ability to customize it all the way down to regisrty edits.

i'd suggest going to windows mobile specfic forums and learning more there. Check out and a good place to start is look at their tips and tricks section and you'l learn a lot.

good luck and have fun with your new device!

btw i'm posting this now from my htc tytn ii

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A Windows OS is more customizable. But a Symbian is more stable. Both have plus and minus. It really comes down to what you are used to using and what the salesman can talk you into LOL



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Both r great...Symbian also has many applications now...i use MP3 Cube to cut,edit or change th bit rate and sound quality of the songs...what i need more??....
Also Windows 6.1 is better than 5 in stability but i must say the problem with the windows is on the companies use this OS becauz they think the Windows is everything in there phones and the hardware and marketing is nothing...



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Actually, both these OS were nice, the thing is tat Symbian was easily be infected by Virus while WM device were less infected by virus, besides, Symbian hav few version : S60, 80 ,90 & UIQ, S60 is good in software development while Symbian UIQ has less software available, while WM has got the latest WM 6.1 in most new device available in the market such as the HTC diamond & Asus P320, the other older model like tytn II, touch, cruise & lots more has WM 6.1 available 2 be upgrade too, its juz tat we hav 2 do it ourself.



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I used Symbian phone (Nokia 6600, S60v2) and now Im useing Windows Mobile 6 smartphone (Samsung i600). Both are great but I prefer Symbian because its more intuitive for me.



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[I can't post from the other thread so I'm posting it here]

Windows is much more customizable than Symbian. You can customize the home screen, create custom sound schemes for various events and tweak nearly every aspect of the phone. The built-in programs like the file explorer, Media Player, Outlook and IE has better functionalities than Symbian's generic apps, but you can also install hundreds of programs for just about everything.



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both r' superb...



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Both are great


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