Nokia N96 16GB CONFIRMED (plus more...)




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Post #2121 February 2008, 07:44
great phone. but i like the looks of my N95 8GB more. the buttons beneath the screen look squashed together and might be difficult to press, same as the N81.



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Post #2223 February 2008, 11:49
No special things.Only when i saw this new nokia phones i say:Another two n81!!!



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Post #2323 February 2008, 15:54
first, let me say that NOKIA RULES!! I mean, look at all these babies! all of them have GPS, 16million color screen and at least a 3.2mp camera! Why cant other phone companies churn out phones with similar specs?? just go to and check out what other cellphone companies have in store for 2008..most of them r just gimmicks, imaging and branding compared to nokia's big guns! As for price, i'll bet they'll be cheaper than the N82's current value(except N96)..honestly, i'm eyeing the N78, but the lack of a camera lens cover really bothers me..the 6220 classic seems like a good buy, but screen is small..the new navigator looks STUNNING..but then again, has a non-carl zeiss 3.2mp camera..its hard to decide which 1 i like best the N96 looks like the N81 with offence, but i think its ugly..

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Post #242 November 2008, 22:49
Bought one yesterday. It stinks, poor value for money. N95 8GB is much better. It is glorified N82 and the price is out of this world. I paid 800 US$ for this s**t. Blimee


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