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Let us know who you think has the best profile.
There are many talented and creative people on
zedge who never get recognized. Please make sure
you tell us why you think it is the best. Maybe
because of creativity or because of its message.
Please do not turn this into a popularity contest.
This is about the profile not how much you like
someone. Also if you could provide a link to the
profile would be nice. If a profile you want to
pick has already been picked that is ok as long as
you have something to add. Don't just say I second
what Joe said about Bill's profile.
Let the search begin.

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There are over 6 million profiles on this site, I haven't seen them all, but when so many profiles are shallow, self-centred, "me, me, me", it's great to see profiles that show something genuine about the user's feelings.

Of all the profiles I have looked at, there's only one that I can say is worthy of being mentioned here, and I say this not because she is a close friend of mine, because the profile has changed since then, and as it is now, is the best on here.

It's easy for people to say 'a picture paints a thousand words' when their profiles are full of meaningless pictures, but the words in the profile I see as the best on here convey emotion deeper than anything I have ever read, these words will mean so much to anyone who has the pleasure of reading them.

It's not just words, when you read you will never think about love in the same way again, you can feel the depth of all the love in there, and it's enough to truly make even the most cold-hearted person want somebody that they can love for ever, and describes love in a way thought impossible in words.

There's only one thing I can say to this and that is THANK YOU, Anya, for showing the world what love is really about, and using the words to capture the hearts of everyone fortunate enough to see your profile, it truly is the best one on here

Here's the link:



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Post quote:

"Very Interesting"

Arte Johnson

This may not be fair of me, but I am nominating the starter of this thread

I have been around for a long time by the standards of most and have met a number of individuals over this time. Everyone has a story to tell; a lifetime of happiness or a world of grief is often portrayed within a handful of keystrokes or a barrage of imagery. People as a whole have two great desires in this life: to be loved, and to be heard. This person's profile covers all bases if one is intelligent enough to read into her personality, from images and words to a song of the heart...

I have often stepped out of my comfort zone in my own profile, exposing the world to the trials of autism spectrum disorders in regards to my children, and as well the terrible toll exacted on marriage. As well, I have taken time to dig deeply into those who I consider friends, and in some cases they have been the recipients of the gift of my talent. This being said, this person's profile tells a story: one that I have had the blessing to become familiar with, and firsthand with the individual; that individual has been a blessing to me, and to many others as an inspiration intrinsic within her thoughts and words...I can only admit that imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery...



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my friend mojo3 he's fairly new here but i think his profile is best
because of his level of creativity, he has great vision and style when
it comes to the "mobile" arts and cheers to u dude



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Well to me your profile is the best.Those words in your profile has really touched my heart.Those words are really wonderfull.Thats why i love you profile.To me your profile is the best.
Btw i dont have any disrespect to others profile.I just love your profile thats all.Many prople may argue with me.But thats my choice

Here is the link



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The first time i saw Angeliclucero's profile, i was like and at the same time. I think i spent half an hour on her page.
The most beautiful profile because it melts your heart. The words are so sincere they give you the feeling you know the person who put them there . I think it's a LOVE profile. Yes, that's how i'll call it. The great "LOVE PROFILE"

It's amazing how a person you don't know and a profile you see for the first time can touch your soul in such a way. I've always known words are more powerful than 1000 images, but only when i saw that profile i realized how true that is.

A profile that for half an hour made me another person, it made me think about thousand different little things. It's like a dream world. And the talent is hidden in the fact that it makes you think you deserve every word in the pro, you feel it's made for you.
I love it . I really do

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The profile I think is best belongs to Jackel_Snake. The thing I like about his profile is that he is always changing it and each one is completely new. When I first joined zedge last June his profile was dedicated to Islam. Another time his profile was all about love and marriage. Often times he will dedicate his profile to one of his friends, as is the case now. But no matter what his profile is at the moment it is always very well thought out and on message. I could provide a link but he is using Pets_Warrior as his user name now and when he changes it the link will not take you to his profile.



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Baby Yoyo's Profile!

Coz its really artistic n has got loadz of pics n music too! Plus the background n pics compliment each other very well! Its one of the most viewed profile in here so go ahead n have a look if u haven't already...

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I think my profile is the has many creative pictures by me..and for some reason, no1 ever notices it...I think maybe coz not everyone loves footy....

To be honest, I am not really long as I am here, I dnt care if no1 visits me that much,,,, but like maybe if i add some music it may help..

Go ahead..take a look at ma page...

btw, I am not 'proud' or 'big headed'



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I have yet to find a profile that I would deem the best. Also, I rather think that would be an impossibility since to consider one "the best", you'd have to have seen and read everyone else's.

But for me to consider one profile to even qualify, his profile must show that he has substantially contributed uploads that are actually useful to Zedge members. If a profile has nothing but BLAH in it, I would consider it an utter waste of reading time and internet space.


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