Parents or your beloved??




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Beloved. Your parents won't be there right beside you for the rest of their lives At some point, they would expect you to move on. They would want you to have a husband/wife, have children, and have a lasting relationship. Parents want what's best for their children. I believe that having a family of my own would make me happy when the time is right. Sure your parents will still help you, but they would expect you to try and figure out things by yourself.



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1. when you're getting married, it's a good thing to move out and live with your partner, you are also challenging yourself to be mature, work hard and live for your family

2. I won't leave my family if it were a BF/GF relationship, plain and simple..they call it rebellion, immaturity or stupidity

3. in some cases or in other parts of the world, that's where the big difference comes in, some are by law seperated from their parents on a certain age, some live with their families up to whenever they want, while some are just plainly not into any family thing arrangment of some sort..


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