Parents or your beloved??




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Nothing can replace our parents ... So my first preference would be my Parents....
They are our roots.... and we know that if a tree losses its roots, it dies....

My love would b my second preference..
But I must say, its a bit difficult question to answer.... we can't leave any of them..

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my parents first of course coz they are my parents : ..sure my beloved one has his own priority and i can love him more than my parents but i cant choose my parents on him

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beloved........tell me one thing.....u wanna spend your rest 30 yrs with ur mom or with your wife????
ya sure nothing can replace our mom dad....but choosing beloved doesnt make u far away from ur parents....its just u who should manage between them....



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hmmm well this is difficult situation to be in when your heart is torn in two parts... definately parents have an upperhand but i also have practical view on the same ...

Well we gals have to leave our parents home for staying with beloved eventually.. So tht doesnt make us more close to our beloved and disloyal to our parents.. so y if a guy has to change his home for his beloved would count as disloyalty??
he can also take care of both the homes with equal love and care..



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obviously parents come first in every aspect of your life,, they bring you up, provide you with the best things possible, teach you how to deal and face with the problems you come across in your lives.,
they are truely the angels from God.,
love n respect them from your heart, n never leave a mark on their forehead.,,

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I think if u love ur parents then u will definately get ur belove d one who made only for u due to the prayers of ur's parents.Always love n respect ur parents for ur real happiness, peace of mind and soul.....

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I would say that it depends on the relationships with your parents and the person you love. I was lucky enough to meet several people in my life that were closer to me than my actual family. And those people became my new family, family that I chosen myself.



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Its seems to be tough to answer ..beacuse we dont want to lose anything among these both ...
If your parents agrees with your relationship then its nice .... agreed



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Well, I haven't a good relation with my mother, so my beloved will probably win. If it was my father, then I will prob choose him. My father and I are close even though I don't live with him. However, I think under different circumstances, you should choose your parents over your beloved, especially if YOU KNOW they are wrong.



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Well I will choose my parents. For they have been with me ever since I was born. And I believe in true love, that if we are really meant for each other we will end up together and my parents will support me thus I will not pick any of them

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