GPRS setting for HTC / AT&T 8525 Airtel



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Post #19 January 2008, 11:32
Please help...
I am trying from days to use GPRS on my HTC / AT&T 8525... But after all settings it is not working...

What should I do?
Can somebody help me?

It shows the error message ... Can not download the page... connection was lost... try later...

For all site msg is the same....

I think something is wron with settings...

Please help



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Post #223 February 2008, 01:10
have you tried contacting your operator to get the correct settings?



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Post #316 March 2008, 10:52
I have the same problem with my htc s310. the operator cant give me the settings for smartphones! only 4 ppc`s!

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