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Quote of user: alien_being
i've seen issues with removing themes on some symbian series 60 v3 devices, so here's what you do to remove the theme. bit round-about, but it's your best best.

here's what you do...

1) simply plug in your phone to your pc/mac and switch to the mass storage mode or use a card reader that allows you to browse thru your memory card...whatever ur comfortable with

2) now, open up the memory card as located under windows explorer/ my computer/ finder and browse to \private\10207114\import

3) browse through the folders shown in this directory and you will be able to remove any theme of your choice. you will notice each folder will have an MBM, MIF, and SKN file. ideally, each of these files should be named after the theme so if you want to remove "A theme", look for A Theme.mbm, A theme.mif and A Theme.skn. sometimes, these names aren't present, i'll tell you what to do then in just a moment.

4) like i said, sometimes the name isn't mentioned, i.e, you may see some MBM/MIF/SKN files named simply ?themepackage.mbm? etc. In this case, simply open the SKN file in Notepad and you will see the actual theme name in the first few lines of text.

5) once you?ve found the folder containing the theme files you?d like to remove, simply delete the contents of the folder (don?t delete the folder itself!!!!!)

that's it, now disconnect the phone or insert the memory card back into the phone and the theme will be gone!

I can't find the folder Private in may MMC. I only have Sounds, resoure, sys, etc. No folders named Private in my card. How can I remove unwanted themes???



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You need to do this
Open My Computer and Navigate to
Tools > Folder Options > View > Show hidden files and folders
Check that option and click on apply.



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thanx alot ... it workd .....



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Hope u guys not trying to delete the theme which currently set .....

just thought so....

by the ways thanks guys its good in here

i have e71 but the themes here dont fit well on the screen can u help



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i think u gotta dele it througn the Nokia Pc Suite..... andmake sure the theme u selected is not currently in use...



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if the application manager do not detect the theme u juz need the Xplore and SecMan.
Browse to the private folder using the Xplore and u can delte the theme (remember theme fail with extention .skn)
but i cant promise that u delete the theme dat u want..



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ya dat trick of deleting .thm etc works on N85



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Ya......very helpfull info thanks for that



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But for those who don't have their own personal PC,the only solution for you to delete your hidden themes buried on your phone is to use a File Manager application,installed it,then you can find the the themes you wanna delete,i used Fexplorer.



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simply install a newer netqueen antivirus in ur mobile ....

n else u will know through it ... am deleting my through this only ...once try it.........


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