Do You Dare To Dream?




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dream and keep dreaming who knows some day ur dream will come true that the only place we have and no one can interfere in our dreams



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i don't think that gosts exists because if they were here we would have lived in fear and they are just imaginary creatures that someone has thout about them and told others so many pepole will think that they exist while they are not



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Of course I believe that people can see things whereas other don't. This, because you are the one that creates your perception of the world and other stuff. Just like a crazy person would swear that flying piggies do exist. Just because their reality differs doesn't mean it doesn't exist.



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Quote of user: xuolaj_19

1. Do you believe in the existence of ghosts?

2. What made you come to the conclusion that there's no existence? - Explain why you do/don't.
In my opinion ghost exists because still have unfinished business. Or simply the humanbody is already dead but the human spirit didn't yet realized that he is already dead.

I think the same way for the first 2,but for the 3-th....
3. Why do you think only certain people see them wheras others do not?
I think that every human can see them,but most of them won't tell the world that,coz they don't want to be outsiders.They don't want others to think they aren't with their wright mind,so they just keep silence about this subject or they tell them selves that they didn't really saw what they tough,that the mind was playing tricks...



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1. Do you believe in the existence of ghosts?
Yes i believe

2. What made you come to the conclusion that there's no existence? - Explain why you do/don't.
Ghosts, spirits exists because of various reasons, maybe they died a premature death with unfulfilled wishes, maybe they were killed or murdered , maybe its just God's will or maybe s***n's plan..there can be many argumentative reasons which mankind can neither deny nor accept cus its beyond our understanding .

3. Why do you think only certain people see them wheras others do not?
some peoples have been blessed with insights or the sixth sense as they call it and they can sense them and maybe see them too. not everyone can see them.

But the here the question was Do you Dare to Dream? i don't know how the topic and the questions got inter-related...does she meant that u have nightmares or something like that?

well anyways to go back to the topic Yes i dare to dream even after all the problems, the struggles, failures, deceits, hardship, heart-breaks and hurts i still dare to dream and hope and wish for the best to happen cus i have immense faith in God and i believe that if i am not wrong then i deserve to be happy and trust me it really is working...

i , once kind of gave up , just gone into depression but i never let go of my faith and that thing itself never let me go of my dreams too and when dreams are there, wishes and hopes always surrounds your heart and God answered my prayers and things changed for me for Good. I know its not over yet , cus till ur alive ups and downs will always be there but i now also know that i just have to keep faith and believe and be positive so when the good didn't stayed, the worst will not stay forever either.

So Dream...dare to dream the most fondest and impossible of ur dreams and pray to God and works towards it and keep faith that someday God will give u what u deserve.



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yes i believe ghost is living with us...they are around us...but we should feel him..because its like a small line between Faith and where you stay is most important thing.... .



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I do have dreams, bout peace on our world, and we all can life in harmony with each other.
What i dont believe in, is life after death, and ghosts.



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I Believe the life of this world is a journey, Once the angel of death knocks at your door he'll take away your soul and teleports you to the place you deserve. (and i don't think that you can trick or run away from the custody of a stern angel of death & come back to this world again).
So i don't believe that dead people becomes ghosts, spooks, hobbits etc.
But i do believe in some creatures who do exist in this world but our eyes cannot see them, this creatures are called Jinns, The Noble Qur'an explains about them in detail. But that's another & comprehensively a different topic.
So anyways, i've always wondered, about these ghost stories that either they were roaming around, messing the things, closing or opening the door & a tap, sitting on a chair & that too only on a to & fro chair, or on bed, that's it. they've been seen doing only this things, so is that was the unfinished job ? that before dying he/she forgot to throw the things in the kitchen, or
that unfinished job was to sit on a chair or a bed ? or forgot to close the door or you all kidding me ?

Never in my life i've heard a ghost story where it goes like that they seen the ghosts & TALKED with the ghosts about
what the heck is up with them ? or had dinner with 'em, they just see them doing somethings which is illogical.
Now if they(ghosts) have grasp so much power that they could walk around, move things, play with the door and is back just to do their unfinished jobs, why don't they just go to their graves dig out their bodies & get back to life ?
why don't they talk to their families that they are in so and so situation, & is back for whatever the effing reason maybe.
and those who say that they seen ghosts are just lying. Just to get some attention not everyone but most of 'em.

Nobody has seen a bunch of ghosts partying, or a ghost couple making out, or m*st*rb*t*ng looking at humans, you know why ? why nobody has seen this kinda stuffs, because nobody would ever gonna buy this crap.

Just some intellectual thinking .

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1. Do you believe in the existence of ghosts?
Of course! There is a spiritual world and the material world. I believe in the Holy Ghost.
2. What made you come to the conclusion that there's no existence? - Explain why you do/don't.
I belive in god thats why if god is exist ..evils are also exist...
3. Why do you think only certain people see them wheras others do not?

Thats why they call supar natural...they pic who can see them or ppl who have extra sence



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1. yes.

2. I grew up in Indonesia, and a spiritual activity there is quite common, so I don't think that any natives would deny its existence.Luckily I never saw or had any experience with any. I personally see them as wandering souls who are still unable to reach either heaven or hell , still in purgatory one might say.

3. Some ppl are gifted some are not.. Actually my friend's sister is blessed ( or rather cursed ) with this gift, and I heard many story about her. Most of them are quite creepy, therefore I'm actually quite thankful to that fact and that I'm not one of them. Can't imagine how bizarre would it be if I were.


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