N958gb spider man movie?



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Post #16 December 2007, 18:56
Hello to all, i recently bought the n95 8 gb and was suppose to have a spider man 3 movie on it, but when i try to access the movie, it says that there is no activation key, this is in saudi arabia, does anyone know about this? thanks



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Post #27 December 2007, 02:43
I do not think that you supposed to get the whole movie, I heard that its only parts of the movie of spider man. By the way, where did you get the nokia n95 and how much did you pay for.



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Post #321 December 2007, 18:27
i have it too, full length and without any activation required



Post #421 December 2007, 18:44
Contract or Sim Free and also is the firmware V10 or V11?

Seems lots of people are having the same issue if they have upgraded the firmware and not made a backup first or changed the region code on a handset to do so. Unfortunately as far as I know there is nothing that can be done to restore a key if this is the case as yet (unless you take it back to the supplier and ask for a switch perhaps?) The film isn't worth much hassle over anyway tbh



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I have v.10 free and spider man is ok but if you update the key gone.Is a problem from nokia or a brand n95 8gb.



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Yeah... right! Whenever u upgrade your firmware, u will have this problem. Anyway, this firmware wil actually make ur application work faster. Am I right?



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Man after updating software the film asks for activation key..
any one knows?



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You should search for the key on google . . .

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