The meaning of life?




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Just to get to you philosophical zedgers thinking. From the beginning of philosophy people have wondered what the meaning of life is.

As i have stated in one of my other posts in zedge intellect i believe in destiny, so i couldnt really give my true opinion on the meaning of life.

For the first 3 years since thinking about it i believed that the meaning of life was to die, but i was 12/13/14 at the years i am talking about. I now believe that the meaning of life is to have a meaningful life and to share it with a partner in a faithful relationship.

Thats probably my RE lessons shining through.

What do you think?



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I think the meaning of life is a very long "travel" before we go back to the Heaven. We got some tests while we live. Can you live without any mistakes? Can you make a friendship in this world? Can you avoid wars and make some deals for peace? We must do something good before ending this "travel".

That's my point from religious point



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basically, life's a pendulum between happiness and sorrow... one minute you have it and the other, you don't. it's about celebrating what you have and to work for what you don't, appreciating all the good things, etc the bad incidents happen to spice up the life ... 'coz if we didn't have bad moments, we can't appreciate good ones!



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God, my blogs on MySpace are filled with philosophical arguments. Ha ha.

Anyway, I believe that the meaning of life is to grow through mistakes, learn, love, dream, & get to feel every emotion as possible.

All of that needs to be accomplished for a human to feel fulfilled and whole. If a human doesn't feel many emotions, know what it's like to be loved, dares to dream or is very careful in the chances they take then they are losing out on the meaning of life.

Life is full of risks, accomplishments, heartache, mistakes, deep regrets and many other things. Sure, you may lose and lose and lose, but eventually, you'll win.



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It's like a journey, started from the moment we arrived. We have to pass through the different stages, a continuous process of exploring things and in between shape ourselves to react accordingly

This journey is kind of a trial for us, GOD sets all this, as nobody knows when its ended and the theme behind to prove ourself as a good human being and for that one must differentiate between the GOOD and the EVIL

Regarding the rest of the events (like. happiness, sadness, sorrow and pains) ... we have to face these bravely, we can enjoy our life or carry on as a burden ... we choose it for ourselves



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The meaning of life is to LIVE as best as you can, to fulfil the expectations of others, but most importantly the expectations, hopes, dreams and aspirations of yourself. Because in the end, the meaning of your life is only truly evident to yourself, and you are accountable to yourself and yourself only. It is you who finally makes that judgement call on whether you've been true to yourself. Because if your true to yourself, you will realise the meaning of your life, and you will strive to fulfil it. It is your choice whether you choose to see it, or live in ignorance all your life



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meaning of life equal with our car washing sponge.

To absort everything.
To feel everything.
To learn everything.

Before die ( throw away).

afterlife for me is like something at outer space.
that huge space just had only my and myself.
very lonely.

so guys,
lets do and feel anything.
keep it in our memories.

We determine everything



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Life is a test and a which we are born, see childhood, become adults, grow old and then die...
life is all about learning, taking risks and passing the test that God has set us...

we shud take everyday has it comes....everything hppens for a reason.....



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when we say a person has life then it means the person is still breathing. When there is breath in the body every other part becomes active. Each day that we wake up, what do we do with the breath we have. As long as man has not been able to prove any other source of breath except from the mysterious power, then we would account for it someday. Waiting to account for the breath we have is the meaning of life.



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to simply put it the meaning of life all depends upon ones emotive state and their perception of life, how do u see the world thru ur own eyes....hmmm???


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