Would you ever donate an organ




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Yes,i would.Has enyone heard abaut altruism?cause this is what it's all abaut,being a step above the beasts.We should remember what we are.

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Hell no, what will people do with organs which are not even working!
Well if it comes, that someone really needs an o***n i might donate, the things remains that th blood group should be the same. By the way am O+, so i can donate to everyone but can take from only O+!



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this is a difficult subject for me since I really do not want to think about dying anytime soon. if there were a need for a kidney or bone marrow transplant by a family member while I was alive I would do it. After I am gone I dunno, I guess if it would save someone else from losing a loved one I would...



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Gladly !!
If I know there's a person that can live if he/she may take something away from me,.... By all means
I would go as far as sacrificing myself for a friend or a family memeber



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yes.. always feel so great knowin that you have given hope & happiness to those who needs it... though you're no longer on earth, a part of you still remain.



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of course not cause i donot own my body but God does so i canot donate an o***n or anything



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ATTENTION: 25 word-minimum posting!

About the issue in question, 2 points r seen:

-All sums up in what u believe religiously.

And from there, several branches of religion inflict in this "human transplantion" issue.

- And sums to what UR FAMILY wants.

Yes, because no family wants a uneyed parent in the funeral, or even to be cutted into pieces selled in grocery shops.

there r several cases of situations were families refuses and go in court for donating organs from a deceased person donator volunteer.
And while the court thing is on, the time period of donation is off.

We can say in this point, that reservations are made.. all in a matter off show-off in a funeral.


Taking a glimpse into this, i personally answer:
-I have not religious problem. I do not belong to any religion, because religion is HUMAN belief.
human are mischevious, non-perfect, defectable, non-god.
i am a "higher identity believer" with no hierarchy behing, saints whatsoever.

- Family is not called into this because:

i am an active donator, but with one only condition:
Be a donator while i live.

" - How about heart transplants?"

I do not care what they do with my heart or body when i go dead.
u can have them all!
they can transplant everything can be donated.
Because, since I AM DEAD, i do not really care.

I believe nevertheless, that donating in life is an act of courage.
Not only for that who is being beneficied, but as well for me and for the society.

It is an act of self-sacrifice and auto- humility.

Donating when u are dead is da same thing as paying taxes:
- i pay... because i am not here!

I think i have been suficciently clear to all of you.

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hmm well i guess i have to be examined first.. if im fit to donate or if ever i want to donate some of my organs.. i have to know first if it wont make me ill.. im willing to donate.. thats it lol



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Post #3917 April 2008, 19:48
Probably yes if that person was a close family member or a very close friend, I wouldn't just give my organs to anyone.
If I die though, and my organs can still be donated, what the heck, anyone can have them, I won't be needing them in the grave anyway.



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thats a hard one....if u think about it! its like this if you were in hospital and the doctor said to you that they were waiting on a donar to keep you alive you would think, WHY THE HELL ARE THEY TAKING SO LONG! but if someone asked you to donate one you would think NO WAY. so if you expect someone to be donating one then you should really donate yours..........i think i would donate mine....hopefully the next person has a good life.


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