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Yes why not it saves somebody's life after my death I would! I already donate blood right now too every 6 months as i am O+ so it is a universal blood donor group. I think it's great to save a life or any of my organs are useful when i am no more alive it's worthwhile !

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I already did. My right kidney to be exact. I have a twin brother who lost both his kidneys in a car accident and since we are identical I was a perfect tissue match. So I gave him one of mine. It was not really something I had to think about, it was the humane thing to do.

But would I donate my organs to someone I don't know after I am dead? Yes, definitely. I will not need them anymore, after all, and if my timely or untimely demise will save someone else's life I'm all for it.

I carry a donor card at all times.



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After my death, yes i would.
Before my death, well, if the person's a part of my life, then i will in order to save them

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yes definatly, i aleady enjoy donating blood, each time u donate u are able to help three lives which is pretty awesome, my dad recently passed away and he donated his organs to science as he was sik and they wur nt healthy enuff for another body but still!!......i would donate my organs, before death but nt if it will cause me death, after death all of my organs can go to any1 it matches!!..... every life deserves a fighting chance, to gve that extra to sum1 would be awesome!!



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After I die, yes..
I mean, its only logical to donate them. We will neither need or use them anymore, if they can still be useful for the living ones, why not..? Even if a group of students want to examine my dead body for the sake of the lifes they will save in the future, I won't mind at all.

Before death, also yes..
Since its only legal to donate an o***n to a relative. If my parents, brother, or my future wive need a kidney, I'll happily give one of mine. Well some ppl called me crazy, but I'm not really a fan of myself. So again, why not? Maybe I'll like myself better if I can be useful to my loved ones.


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