What Makes Us Truelly Happy




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What is Happiness, i ..A Solid Family Unit, I... A Great Job,... Our Health....Is it money ...Having The best of the best......What Make,s You Happy & Content

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For me what makes me truly happy is my family and close friends

Why family

Because family is num one
And without family life has no meaning
A mum to care for u
A Dad to watch over u
Brothers and sisters to tease and to buy presents for lol

Because ive seen in real life and zedge (well shocked) peoples dislikes,

Kids think there too big for their boots and want things too soon
That how the drug world runs
Kids trying to be adults


Because there r some things u can’t say to family

Bf/gf trouble
Secret crush
Have a great night out
And fab holiday
And been there when Ur bored

So for me when they’re happy I’m over the moon and feeling great
and am truely happy
People who know me here on zedge will tell u
I’m 99% happy all the time
I am my life is perfect, sure I don’t have some of things others have, like big cars and expensive item
But I don’t need material objects to be happy

That 1% its life sadness happens
heatbreak mainly for me



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Have niceee Family....

my family love me toooooo
have most popular game PC and Ps2...
have nice Friends "W-Angels" and All who i love it..
Fall in zedge-land and moved in zedge
where is love.....there must be on zedge...

Yuhuuuu 98% try to make a HAPPY LIFE

Happy have 3 cute Hamsters...
soooo happy if Death....get Fly to Heaven
more happiness if the World in Peace..No War No Cry

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Love is what makes us truly happy. Love can be from our family, friends and significant other. Love empowers us and gives us courage. It has great healing powers. You receive love by giving love. Love is what allows there to be forgiveness and understanding. Love is what gives us our self esteem. Without it we have nothing.



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When my best friend call me in the morning and invite me to a first cup of coffee next to our gorgeus river...


When I came home,tired from working,and my cat jumps on my legs,and look at me wid her blue eyes...I know in tht moment,tht she understands me...



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what make us or anybody happy... can be anything.

can be a smile?
can be a product?
can be a feeling?

u can find happiness in a simple road stone.

just think how did dis rock was born - from a vulcano bossom - travelled miles underwater and over countries...to reach ur hand.

Before u acuse me of being a naturalist -dat i am not - or a hippy of any sort -dat i am not - i say:


U will see dat having all the stuff in the world - clothing, games, books, friends, family - r simply ropes that stands u from "true hapiness".
and thank god for dat.

Hapiness is reachable, true hapiness is madness.
we cannot ever be trully happy, without others - friends, family, enemies, strangers, animals, plants...the world and its infinity - being as well "happy".

and that i am afraid, it is not possible with human nature.

All that rest on us is "partial hapiness". the sensation that the wind blows in our way, and we r not alone.
definitly thats a good feeling. but never a total one.


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What makes us truly happy?

What a subjective question...

If you want to know what makes you happy, first of all, you need to get your desires met. People have so different definitions towards happiness. I guess we can be happy anytime, if we want to, it's not that hard actually.

Then again, human beings are just weird that they will sometimes "dig their own grave"

Some people say simple life makes them happy while some say they must get a lot of $$$ to fulfill what they want. To a few, being with their loved ones makes them happy, to certain people, lending a hand to the less fortunate and the needy makes them feel great. Some wealthily rich people, despite having a great deal of $$$, they don't seem happy.

To me, if you want to be happy, ask your heart and you'll get the answer.



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Happy. Wow- that can be so many different asthetically pleasing situations in a day. My favorite is before I leave for work every morning I kiss my girlfriend and tell her I love her. Thats happiness for me. It cost nothing and last all day. All of my electronics are great an all and I do love to collect weapons and all of my hobbies and asperations are amazingly pleasing but only my girlfriend and time spent with my family truely make me happy. It cost nothing yet it last all day.



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many things can make us happy...some very simple and some more complicated...and always keep in mind that we are here to become happy and not wealthy ...



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If I do any job & it takes the fame not only for me but also for the persons related to me this moment makes me truelly happy


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