Do people need friends ?




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Man is a social animal , he can not live alone, he needs the company of others. Sociologist world over stress the need of communication between two humans as it helps in the cognitive growth of humans . thus humans need a companion to communicate and to express them self



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There are different kinds of friends.
"Saturday night friends": people you meet not to be alone
"Need friends": people that call you only when they need. When you need them they are away...
"Real friends": people that love you for real, they're like a family for you.

It' s so easy to find people belonging to the first 2 groups, and very difficult to find someone that belongs to the last one.

Everybody's looking for friends, but how many people try to be real friend for others?

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Friends are what people keep them socially "alive". People get lonely and want a person to confide to, and do activities with. Usually, a person has a natural instinct to be social, so thats where friends come along.
I really am not a social butterfly, so I know what loners do feel. I dont like people too, as most people are idi0tic, brats, or drama queens.
That's why I have few friends and I have this habit of bein the BEST friend ever that I tend to forget what it is like to have a friend just like me. Most of the time, I get to meet fair-weather friends or "blood$uckers" who drives me to become a loner instead.

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yes for sure we all need friends atleast one good friend as if we don't have friends than with whom we are gonna share our feelings and thinking as we can't keep everything inside us or share with our parents or siblings friends are very imp in each and everyone's life


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