Do people need friends ?




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Well do you need friends for living a happy life , for a person to have a true happiness ( i don't mean the "I eat a chocolate bar "happiness" ), for a person to be successful in his career ,in his/her life

Can we say here that some people need friends and others not ?

Can an object as a pc be considered a friend ?

And one more thing ,by friends i mean people that we c each day or at least 3 times a week or so not those ones that we see once in a week ...

i mean really they are not real friends ,but as i think about it now ,do we need those kind of people too?

So this is the start of the topic ... am curios what people say here on zedge and hope you understood what i am talking about here.


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yes, i think we all need friends, someone to turn to if we're having bad times. and also to be there for our friends if they need someone as well
not too mention the fun you can share together
i think life would be very lonely without friends

Post quote:

Can an object as a pc be considered a friend ?

well yes .. i consider my computer my friend. if it wasnt for it i wouldnt be able to spend time with the few great friends i've made here
and yes, i do see them practically every day as you know

i hope i've answered this in the way you meant ... please dont shout at me if i havent ... now pass me the chocolate please



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there are several levels in friendship. the one u see 3 or 4 times a week might help u build your future or might help you destroy it, so the number of times u see the person does not count.

another opinion i have is that we dont necessary need the people around to be our friends, it could just be a business relationship or other. the bottom line is we need people in our lives cos there is no way we can live in isolation. whatever we become in future are our needs that are attended to and how we attend to them. right from infancy till eternity we are always communicating.

we need people, they might not necessary have to be friends or they might be friends but we need them



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When talking about my own experiences.. If I have a friend I depend much on her/him. But if I don't have one, I can be more independent. So I think I don't need any friends. But I think other people do.



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The first thing that came to mind was the quote:
"No man is an island, entire of itself...any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind...."
Everyone needs friends. Your friends include your parents,siblings,spouses and people you have met along life's journey. We need people who will not judge us and accept us for who we are. We need people who we can turn to when we stumble along life's journey. Some friends will be held closer than others but that does not matter. We are stronger and better for having friends.



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everybody need friends, even those who say they dont, the fact of it is that knowing that these people care about you can change your view on certain things, they make you feel good and feel like something more than a nameless face in the sea of people, the fact of it is that without my friends and my family i wouldn't be here, it may be the guilt of hurting my friends and family that keeps me alive but they are my life and how i see it is it would be a lonely place without them.
i just hope everybody out there has someone to care about and someone who cares for them, because if not i feel sorry for you

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I think people need other people to love/comfort/cherish/take care of/dislike/teach/feel and vica versa....our souls are made for each other, so why not become friends to max out that opportunity



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again: a non-question.
i am going to start to repeat myself.

we r never alone.
As angelicluciero wisely said:
"No man is an island, entire of itself...any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind...."

and we r not.

but what r friends, after all?

As i said in a previous topic.... friendship is the our main bond to oder human beings.
Friendship is the stage of 1st interaction between humans.

cool enough it is never the last one: either survival or rejection.

But what friends r?
Friends r those who we choose to have our trust.
some closer others mux farer...but all summed up to a trust transmission.

So, Friends = Trust.

Not the ultimate formula, but a very stupid one.

simply because, most of our friends, we do not trust.
NO! - u shout.

i am not here to blind u up people, but do a careful scan to ur lifes and u fast enough will reach the conclusion that Trust, is something u rrely deliver in a silver plate.

By then, ull start to measure who r friends r... and before u reach the conclusion taht ur only friends r ur parents.....i say:

trust it is not the whole solution.

The rest of the formula is u.
yes, u there dat is reading so forcefully my written words.

yes, u there.

because anything sums up to U, if u need friends or not, all depends of u.
if u can subjudge a whole world just inside ur self, u do not need.
otherwise, u need.

and the last one, is the most popular.




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If some people think that they don't need friends, I guess they are not being honest to themselves.

There are moments that we want to be alone, but at the end of the day, you still need friends, as no man is an island.

Here comes the question. How do you define friends? Some people see their dogs and cats as friends, I sincerely see nothing wrong with this. To be honest, I regard my snoopy doll as friend, what's the deal, heh?? It's just that the doll does not answer, but then, dogs bark and cats meow...

As for PC... a friend? Why not man!! Through a PC, which is connected to the global network, you get a lot of "friends" yo... The point is, friends are everywhere, whether you need them or not, they are just there...



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Life without a friend is like an island without stones and trees. To easy to get demolish by the waves. People who want to stand strong must have friends. A good friends!


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