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hey guy'z m using zedge 4rm 2 year's n i ouv it 2 hang out on zedge but now a day's i was not using zedge whn i cme online i saw OMG....! wea is all the chat room's......? :O can any 1 tell me.....? wat happnd 2 the chat room's? BTW zedge rocks........ :-D

Zedge chat was shut down due to low interest.
for more info see this topic www.zedge.net/forum/t/95349/



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i think its one of best sites I've ever come across. at first i just took for granted and then it took by storm and now i cant go one day without logging on. its got cool stuff and activities - wallpapers, themes a forum and lots of cool people to chat, give and be given suggestions by



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hiiiiiii frdz...i wanna say abt zedge its really very gd site

I love zedge very i always download themes dey make me so happy to c my phone...i really love zedge....

Zedge id very goood site



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very good site..



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lil bit boring site..



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in simple word - awesome



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Gone downhill from bad to worse i only come here to talk to friends that is all now and maybe one day a week



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I like it

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Awesome with beautiful colors in wallpapers and best tunes in ringtones and well organised and well maintained



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pretty cool and awsome.

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