What do you think about zedge??




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Post #1016 November 2006, 04:26
i think zedge is for really bored people...



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Post #1026 November 2006, 04:38
uhhmmmm.... wud that mean ur bored too?
just asking..
and would that make us all bored people here....


but hey! i think zedge is cool..

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Post #1036 November 2006, 14:45
great site, beats mobile9.com and 3gforfree.com by a mile . on one can mess with this site jamster watch your back cause where coming for your neck. there only one the only )zedge(



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Post #1046 November 2006, 15:00
super good



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Post #1056 November 2006, 15:04
its doin gr8 job 2 keep da ppl alive wid their fone



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Post #1067 November 2006, 00:41
Honestly this is my husband's acct and he's not used to doing this kind of stuff so he's letting me use this to find cool things for our phones. I hav d nokia n70 and he has nokia 7280.
I really like the themes esp. the cartoony ones and the films category. BUT it is difficult to use the SEARCH fields esp. when I am particularly looking 4 a specific theme, but still I got through it all..
Anyway, this is my first time to register for cellphone stuff, and I truly liked the NAME LOGO TOOL, SCREENSAVER TOOL and of course the diff. themes!



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Post #1079 November 2006, 18:49
Zedge is the best ever!
I Love Yoo!!!



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Post #1089 November 2006, 19:06
Zedge is a great site for the downloads and you can have some fun with the ppl on the forms as well.



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Post #1099 November 2006, 19:28
It's just awesome... If not I wouldn't be here for 2 years... Not only me her for 2 years now, but a few more zedgers...



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Post #11010 November 2006, 18:11
Well I am a member of Zedge since sep 2005. 1 year with zedge is a great experince. I've uploaded 100 s60 themes. And I've recieved many masseges from people all over the world who liked my themes. Its been a great pleasure of creativity which zedge has provide me. 166877 times my themes are downloaded till now. By the theme lover across the world. Lots of thanks to them and the team of zedge. And some special thanks to them who give me their valuable suggestion, appriciation.They are the source of my enthusiasm.


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