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The Theme Maker has been discontinued and is no longer available in Zedge.


You asked for it, so we are creating it! Make way for the Alpha version of the Zedge Theme Maker, which is under development but is also ready to be tested by YOU! I may have said this about the other tools and features from our brilliant design team, but this one is seriously one of the best tools ever!

While we are testing, understand that this is a special pre-release version for our faithful Hardcore Zedgers only. There will be changes over the next few weeks as we add many more phones, options and ? well, you?ll have to wait and see.

The Zedge Theme Maker allows you to create themes for most Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones. While this complex tool is still being developed, the main engine is already in place so you can create basic themes.
You can: 1) Upload new images, 2) Select from images added to your account for downloading including wallpapers, Personaliser images or name logos, or
3) Choose from various popular images from the free public wallpaper gallery.

In addition, you can change color sets and add ringtones or "new message" tones.

Once you are happy with your creation, simply name it and download it to your PC using Bluetooth, infrared, or USB -- or add it to your account and download it via the Zedge Mobile Wap site

Here is a list of current Alpha release supported models numbers:

Nokia 2610 Nokia 2626 Nokia 2630 Nokia 2660 Nokia 2760 Nokia 2865 Nokia 2865i

Nokia 3109 Nokia 3110 Nokia 3155 Nokia 3220 Nokia 3500

Nokia 5070 Nokia 5140 Nokia 5140i Nokia 5200 Nokia 5300

Nokia 6020 Nokia 6021 Nokia 6030 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6070 Nokia 6080
Nokia 6085 Nokia 6086 Nokia 6101 Nokia 6102 Nokia 6103 Nokia 6111
Nokia 6125 Nokia 6126 Nokia 6131 Nokia 6131_NFC Nokia 6133 Nokia 6136 Nokia 6151 Nokia 6165 Nokia 6170 Nokia 6230i Nokia 6233 Nokia 6234
Nokia 6267 Nokia 6270 Nokia 6275 Nokia 6275i Nokia 6280 Nokia 6282
Nokia 6288 Nokia 6300 Nokia 6500

Nokia 7260 Nokia 7270 Nokia 7360 Nokia 7370 Nokia 7373
Nokia 7390

Nokia 8600 Nokia 8800 Nokia 8801

Nokia E50 Nokia E65 Nokia N73 Nokia N75 Nokia N76 Nokia N80
Nokia N91 Nokia N93 Nokia N93i

Sony J210 Sony J220 Sony J230 Sony J300 Sony K300

Sony K310 Sony K320 Sony Sony K500 K510 Sony K550 Sony K600 Sony K610 Sony K700 Sony K750 Sony K790 Sony K800 Sony K810

Sony M600

Sony P600 Sony P910 Sony P990

Sony T226 Sony T230 Sony T290 Sony T300 Sony T310 Sony T68 Sony T610 Sony T630

Sony W200 Sony W300 Sony W550 Sony W600 Sony W610i Sony W660
Sony W700 Sony W710 Sony W800 Sony W810 Sony W830 Sony W850
Sony W880 Sony W900 Sony W950

Sony Z300 Sony Z310 Sony Z500 Sony Z520 Sony Z525 Sony Z530 Sony Z550 Sony Z558 Sony Z600 Sony Z610 Sony Z710 Sony Z1010

If your phone is not on this list, don?t worry: We know there are many more phones available and new models will be added soon! So start making some themes and please report back with any bugs or errors you may find. Use the email form on the Theme Maker tool page for submitting your bugs(IN ENGLISH ONLY PLEASE).
This is not a request form. BUGS AND ERRORS ONLY PLEASE!

Help us make this the Theme Maker that all others will be judged by!



As noted on the Theme Maker Alpha page
Note: Nokia S60 / N-Series will be supported soon!

Keep watching this space!!!!




New Nokia S60 v3 phones added!

Nokia E50 Nokia E65 Nokia N73 Nokia N75 Nokia N76 Nokia N80
Nokia N91 Nokia N93 Nokia N93i

Keep watching, more to come!!!!




New Sony Ericsson phones added!

Sony M600 Sony P900 Sony P910 Sony P990 Sony W950

If you phone is still not listed please dont take your eyes off this page, we are not done yet!

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Awesome Jeremy!!!! I will check this out right away!
hope you will be able to add sony ericsson m600i soon

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you're really awesome!

won't bother using other sites to make themes.




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YeHaw thanks looks groovy



Post #512 October 2007, 18:53
Just gave it a quick whirl, works really well, will be great for those just beginning to make themes, straight forward and very easy to use, Can make a theme in minutes,



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Great new update,works nice,and really easy to use,just a few lil steps and you got your own new theme

But when i use Opera,i can`t change the colour for the screen elements,but when i tried it than with Firefox,i could change it to any other colour

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wow.... cool I was waiting for a theme maker weeeeeeeee



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Another good innovation for this site... it doesn't support my phone as of yet, but I can wait...



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Post #912 October 2007, 19:26
Really... now I can take all my creative juices out Thanks for always providing something or the other stuff to us!!!.. Great Job!!

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just made this theme in les then a min

<embed scale="noscale" style="width:220px; height:350px;" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="" flashvars="item_key=232-2-176799-123052104" allowScriptAccess="always"></embed><br/><a style="font-size:11px;font-family:arial;line-height:28px;color#960000;margin-left:25px;" href="" title="Zedge - Free mobile fun!">FREE YOUR PHONE - ZEDGE.NET</a><br/>


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