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Post #110 October 2007, 05:26
Ok. So i've noticed that a lot of zedgers are requesting specific ringtones or message tones. In order to keep things organized let's put all requests on one thread.

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Ya.. is veri true..Alot ppl is lookin for message tones in this site.. SO is better to have it.. Will be better for free.. haha.. Even i myself lookin for message tones.. haha



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Post #312 October 2007, 00:58
funny ringtones are not good enough!



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Post #419 October 2007, 19:16
Ok i want some rock anything from old school like Led Zepplin Pink Floyd n The Doors to new school like My Chemical Romance n Linkin Park

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so r they being posted for download anywhere?!



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Post #62 November 2007, 05:45
Hello guys & gals,

I'm looking for the loudest ringtone for my mom's Nokia 6300 handphone as she always can't hear her phone ringing and miss calls! Any mp3 or polyphonic to recommend?

Thanks alot & best regards!



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Post #72 November 2007, 07:53
Can sum1 upload that ringtone of a girl screaming? i heard it on sum1's phone and i really want it...



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Post #83 November 2007, 16:33
hi! I've been looking for a ringtone...has anyone heard one that is from a cartoon...about someone (i don't remember who) is triying to catch a bird that looks like a clown...and everytime he tries to catch the bird...the bird goes crazy and makes sounds like "parapapapapapapapapapapapia" y the same again while walking all around the screen....and then it makes a single sound while it's head appears from every side of the screen...
does anyone know o has herad about it?? where can i get it???



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kjddkun..if there not good enough ..Make your own m8....Period..



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Post #106 November 2007, 07:10
ok, since i've watched the devil wears prada movie i've been looking for andy sachs' ringtone. the tone played on her phone everytime her b!tchy boss calls her. I've heard the title was T-jingle. and it's on t-mobile phones like the sidekick 3. if anyone can help me i'd really appreciate it. big thank's in advance...


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