Why Zedge is the best site in the world




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Actually I spend most of time (Zedging) than any other Website, 'cause simply there's a lot of things for mobiles meanwhile i can chat with my Lovely Friends...

And i Become Addicted To ZEDGE.



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Because it is a cool community that will allow users to share their stuff and giving them ranks according to their Involvement as a ZEDGER



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Aahhh.. Zedge...
So It All happened....... ...On The Magical Night of Xmas of 2006...
I was searching for mobile stufs n ol...
When I Suddenly fell on this site..ZEDGE..I wondered wat this reely was..
I saw some themes.. Wallpapers..etc..I said "Quite Nice"
I saw like only one avatar i fink.. But i wasn't interested in this i was only for themes n stufs..
..It was Kwite An Empty Site..[Maybe bcoz of data erasure some mentioned]..
Then I created my account..
But just when i was abt to leave this site..
I got That Strange Feeling That Something Reeeeelllly Nice was gona Hapen Here..
N I smiled n left..Reeelly..!!
Later.. .After some days..I found the Real Load of Uploads.. Specialy the themes.. N i became Addicted..
I was SOo eager to upload too.. But was using Dial-Up.. Then i sed to my self I will surely do it 1 day..
Then in a conversation a friend was like Flattering some popular Mobile-Stuf site..
I jst cut it out n Told him "wen ya home search zedge"..The next day he was Zedger n Flattering Zedge..even thankd me..I Was proud[As if i owned Zedge..]
Then i was off for some Months..
When i was back i had better connection speed.. N Then only I discovered The Forums n ol,Profile..N What Had become of the Lil Cool Site i knew..It had become A Great community N most popular.. Not Empty anymore..
Now we're here:
1.Zedge has got coolest Uploads..[Coolest]
2.Zedge Has one of best community iv seen
3.Zedge Profile Design n originality is unprecedented..
4.Zedge provides us with Awesome Tools..
5.Zedge Forum Is Awesome n u know it..
6.Zedge Team was always here to help me..Thank You Again..
7.Zedge has not Stoped at just being mobile related site..Its Evolving in Something Too Good..
8.If ur surrounded by sorrow, Being a Zedger will change your Life..!!
You should Zedge @least once in your Lifetime..

Thank You for this Great Site-->Zedge<--

And thank you for patience to long post..

Proud To B ZEDGER..

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Zedge - the best site? huh! No way! It still has a long way to go... Compared to youtube, facebook, myspace, orkut... its just a kid... And with all this angry mods its just... you know what... its like..naa..leave it...i don't want 2 get kicked... PLEASE don't mind my admin, mods, n fellow zedgers, but its the truth... Its simply not the best...



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It's d bst bcoz evrythin 4 our mob is available here FOR FREE !!!!!!
And of course lots of frnds tooooooooooo..............

Wat else does a person wnts ??????



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first of all, zedge is the best site since it's totally free. In lot of other sites, it isn't.
Futhermore, we can download lots of things (not only wallpaper of themes, but video, ringtones and txts).
Lastly, since we can meet people for all over the word, and chat with them

Obviously, there are lots of others reasons, but they are most principal reasons which let me think that it's best site of the world.



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Dis is a site where i could get free,cool content for my phones...n love 2 upload wallpapers too

nw m feelin lyk dat m addicted 2 zedge



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1. user friendly
2. so many downloads for every model of mobile phones
3. lot's of friendly people
4. forum that have sense!
5. it's keep on getting better
6. simple and nicely done site
7. nice and cool admin! that keep the site well maintained

thanks so much!!! keep up the good work!



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I think finest place for Mobile World Downloaders with easy access......And personally i it enables me to excel....

Zedge Simply Rocks.....



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I think this is the best place to show your creativity.. and lot of highly creative People is here, I simply love this platform and community. This is the best platform for ametures,professionals and fun loving people. Happy Zedeging.


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