Zedge Levels and Awards




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Oh boy!!
Zedge is really cool than i thought!!



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I'm ranked as a passionate zedger,so what does it mean ?
& is it cool,thanks



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looks like my level will sink even further. 1/4 of my total posts have come from the past 2 days



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I know how you calculate it.
Your Wife told me.

I'm new here.
And yea.
I kinda like the whole ranking thing.
Good Idea.

-> Enzo <-



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why iam a hardcore zedger.......
how to become a golden zedger



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Quote of user: Jeremy

We have a couple of fantastic new features that are going to be a lot of fun!

The first is called Zedge levels:

Starting today, instead of our old Zedge “titles” (Baby Zedger, Boss Zedger, Gold Zedger Etc.) we will be implementing, for all active Zedgers, a whole new set of levels.
How are they calculated? Basically the level is calculated from your overall activity on Zedge (not just forums as we did in the past).

The Algorithm (in mathematics, computing, linguistics, and related disciplines, an algorithm is a finite list of well-defined instructions for accomplishing some task that, given an initial state, will terminate in a defined end-state… but enough about that ) behind this calculation is Top Secret (and I mean TOP SECRET, so don’t even ask me, not even the moderators will find out ever! I have not even told my wife!) However, what is not a secret is, it pays to be a good Zedger and do things that are appreciated by the “entire” Zedge community.

Everyone starts from scratch so the levels will change quickly in the beginning. They may seem a little odd at first but after a week or so they will start to “level” out (excuse the pun) and we will really see who the top Zedgers really are…so, what are you waiting for?

Your level will be indicated with a cool new badge, which you will see next to your username on your profile. This badge could change Monthly, Weekly, Daily or even hourly. The question is, “How do they change?” -- I already told you I am not telling you…but if you take the number of stars you can see tonight, multiply it by the square root of a turnip add 7 subtract 16 divide by the number of tiles on your bathroom floor then you will be close.

One more thing: There is no point in complaining or emailing or messaging us about your level. We won’t tell you what needs to be done in order to get you to be #1 on Zedge. Remember YOU are the only person that can do anything about it.

The second is called Zedge Awards:

We have a new award system that will give the most popular uploads the recognition they deserve. If you have an upload that is in the top list, everyone will see it in your profile. There are special “medals” that will be shown on the top uploads.
Zedge charts helps you to keep track of the most popular content in the Zedge public galleries. We also have the “Most Downloaded Zedgers”, the “Most Viewed Zedgers”, the “Most Subscribed to Zedgers” , the “Top ranked Zedgers” and the Zedgers with the “Most popular uploads.”
We may even have to get some cool prizes for the top Zedgers.

Good Luck and enjoy – any questions, comments or suggestions you know what to do.

Its really not that hard to work out how its done lol, why make it out to be



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lol thats nice

am new
and am still in panicccccc
ill ask afterwards if i have any questionss



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Its good.....................




Post #50921 March 2008, 12:32

one day i had some awards.. and the next day they were gone..

why is that




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guys can anyone tell me wat is the order of ranks from bottom to top???
my batch showed hardcore zedger a while ago now it is showing zedge head


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